New Year’s frozen adventuring in Mercer Slough (Bellevue, Washington)

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I hope 2015 will be the year of adventure.  From becoming an aunt for the first time, and having trips to Tofino and California cemented in stone, and knowing the cabin will be finished sometime this year, we know there’s going to be no shortage of excitement around here for sure.

exploring the forest at Mercer Slough

So we started the New Year with a little outdoor exploring at Mercer Slough, a place I’d heard about when I was looking for preschool options for my guys.  I loved the idea of a preschool committed to science and the outdoors, just like the farm adventures we loved with Farmer Jayne at Kelsey Creek Farm.  Mercer Slough looked like an easy place to hike with kids and a good way to expend some of all our holiday energy.

finding ice

There are many trails to choose from, but none looked too difficult so we just parked our car and headed into the woods to see where the first day of 2015 would take us.

stepping out onto thin icekids playing with ice at Mercer Slough

It was a a perfect morning.

frozen Mercer Sloughfrosty

The air was frosty and cold and the guys had fun finding ice all over the slough and they enjoyed eating the trail mix they made.  (I’ve found that when they make their own trail mix, they look forward to it when they hike.)

on the bridge

This is a place we will explore in the spring again, I think the vegetation and fauna will be quite interesting.  I’d like to see what the Education Center is like too.

So I hope you had a Happy New Year’s too and I wish you all the best for a year of excitement and exploration as well.  Have you got any neat adventures planned?  I’d love to hear what you’re up to.

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