The time I was the one in the driver’s seat for a whole week

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It is really nice to start the New Year out with a new toy and when I was contacted to test-drive a new Toyota Highlander Hybrid I was more than excited, especially since we’re looking for a vehicle that will be good to drive in winter through Snoqualmie Pass.  I knew I had it for a week and I would get a full tank of gas.

I didn’t know I’d be the only one who could drive the car.

And that is where the amazing part of this whole experiment became apparent, because even though I’m always driving when it’s just me and the kids, I NEVER drive when my husband is around.  He’s always been the one who seems to love to drive and I am happy playing DJ and food-passer-backer for the kids.  And then I realized, it’s not just that he loves to drive, he’s actually TERRIFIED when I drive.

So now the week was really exciting.

I drove us to Mercer Slough.

toyota highlander for outdoor adventure

And to Snoqualmie Pass with all our ski stuff-it even snowed a little on the way up.

love the sunroof on this highlander

And to the cabin where it did look nice parked in our almost-built garage.

building a cabin in the woods

We trekked to the Tacoma Glass Museum.


And took in some of our usual Seattle coffee shops and sights as well.

ups gardenCoffee Roaster in Seattle

ALL ON ONE TANK OF GAS!  And we all survived with me at the wheel.
I loved that the dashboard showed when I was using battery or gas to power the car.

greening up cars

And the heated seats were lovely.

And this glass roof.  Oh, this was amazing.  This really made me feel like I was driving something special.

back seat view of Toyota Highlander

And I drove in snow, sleet, rain and sun.

It all was special.

Because I was in the driver’s seat.


We really need to do this more often, even though the hubby may have gotten a few teeny grey hairs because of this.

Thank you a million Toyota for lending me this vehicle.

(PS. FYI-as a I mentioned before, I was lent a Toyota Highlander Hybrid for a week and I was given a tank of gas but I wasn’t required to post and these are all my own thoughts)


4 thoughts on “The time I was the one in the driver’s seat for a whole week

  1. We have the Highlander’s big, big brother :). I love it but I wish it had hybrid gas mileage! :). That’s so great that you got to test it out for a whole week. You can really get the feel for a car driving in everyday situations.

    1. I really enjoyed driving it-it was pretty awesome:) Do you like your vehicle in snow-driving? Thats what we definitely need in our next car.

  2. We haven’t had too much experience with snow-driving; ski lessons keep getting postponed because there hasn’t been enough snow this year :/. I’ll keep you posted though. The times we have driven in the snow it’s been great and we just got some snow chains, just in case :).

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