Sticks and Swings at Stanley Park (Vancouver with Kids)

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We hang out in Vancouver often since it is only about three hours north of Seattle and while it’s a city totally full of neat activities and food, some of our most glorious days have been made from simple and impromptu stops in the beautiful parks that are all over this city and its suburbs.  Stanley Park is definitely a perfect one and even after a big rain, we love to put our rain jackets on and hang out.  It is so easy to travel to Vancouver with kids because there are so many great things to do, even just in this one park. Some days we pack our bikes and bring them along so we can ride the Seawall.  Other days all we need are rain coats and waterproof boots or shoes. We love the swings and even just checking out the tide pools on the beach in the rain.

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We don’t really need much else.

Except for coffee.

(But that’s a post for another day. And thankfully coffee is plentiful in this city too!  Have you been to Vancouver with kids?)

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