Car2Go Electric Car envy in San Diego

view of a roller coaster near San Diego
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It isn’t hard to find good things to say about Car2Go in Seattle. I think they are the main reason my husband has been able to bike to work for the past couple years because they are so easy to use that they provide a great backup for when he needs a car in the city or if weather changes and he needs to get home.  He even gave up his pricey downtown parking spot because it was cheaper to use car2go on the days he doesn’t ride than maintain a spot we don’t use.  And because Car2Go made us realize how little we actually need to rely on our own vehicle it factored into our decision to buy an electric car too!  It is really nice to have back up transportation and not always have to worry about parking.  I love that there are so many places Car2Go vehicles can park and one day I better try driving one myself.  It’s just a little difficult because I haven’t seen any yet that can accomodate me AND the littles.

So imagine our envy when we saw this row of Car2Go vehicles CHARGING in San Diego in a gorgeous parking lot nearby a beach.  Not gassing up but electric charging.

san diego electric car car2go

San Diego has ELECTRIC Car2Go vehicles!  And they were so beautiful to see underneath the palm trees.

gorgeous places to live in the world

I hope we get these in Seattle.

Please can we get these in Seattle? Pretty please???!!

(Does anyone else swoon over electric cars?  And have you used Car2Go in your city?  Or do you have other car sharing options?)

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