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club lounge access at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre hotel is great for families visiting vancouver bc

The Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre hotel: another fabulous place to stay if you’re in Vancouver BC with kids

February 6, 2019

I can’t figure out if I call Vancouver my hometown or my home away from home nowadays but it’s where we spend a lot of time and it’s where the hubby and I grew up.  We usually hang out with family in Coquitlam or Richmond BC when we’re not at Granville Island, or reminiscing at […]

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Testing out the Whispbar Tesla Ski Rack on a trip to Whistler with kids and stopping to charge at the New Whistler Supercharger at the Fairmont Hotel

Using a Tesla Ski Rack and the Supercharger in Whistler

January 16, 2019

Thank goodness for Craigslist because my husband was able to purchase a barely used Whispbar Tesla ski rack for  less than the heftier price tag it usually comes with which is so nice when you’re dealing with anything Tesla and we wanted to add a ski rack so we can do some winter road trips.  We […]

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Tesla Model X at Seattle Auto Show

A new Tesla electric car charger in Lynnwood and pondering going completely gas-free

February 13, 2018

A couple years ago when we first got our Tesla we were a little apprehensive about buying an electric car for a family car.  We had one option for charging on the way between Seattle and Vancouver and with all the long-driving we do to see relatives between here and there we didn’t know if […]

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Hello 2018 photo of Ularu Australia taken by Terumi

New Year Goals (Hello 2018!)

January 2, 2018

So here we are on the first day of 2018 and I love how shiny new a new year feels.  There is sun and sparkly light in Seattle today and already that is something to be thankful for.  And how many of us are still trying to savor the blur that was 2017?  (Both my […]

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Fancy Cars at Seattle Auto Show

Checking out Electric and Hybrid Cars at the Seattle Auto Show 2017

November 10, 2017

I attended a media event to preview the Seattle Auto Show so I could check out the electric and hybrid cars and as always the opinions and views on this blog are my own. The 2017 Auto Show is in Seattle this weekend and I was so excited to check out the new electric and […]

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Tesla Arlington Supercharger

On Stopping by the new Angel of the Winds Arlington Supercharger

July 3, 2017

The other day we were driving up to Vancouver from Seattle when a new Tesla Supercharger popped up on our navigation dashboard.  Apparently a new Arlington Supercharger opened up a little while ago to add one more charging option along this drive route and we thought we would check it out. We usually stop in […]

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Coffee on our balcony in Cannon Beach at the Surfsand Resort one of the Cannon Beach hotels that overlooks Haystack Rock

An Electric Tesla Roadtrip to Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast

January 10, 2017

Does anyone else have 16,000 pictures stuck in their phone?  Lately, I’ve given up on bringing any real camera anywhere and I’ve been IPhone only for most of 2016.  It’s freeing because I haven’t had to worry about carting so much gear around and I like that my photos have been a little more spontaneous […]

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Tomica Shop in Tokyo

Build your Own Tomica Cars in Tokyo Japan, a perfect stop for families on a trip to Japan

July 13, 2016

In another life, the only car I could have reliably named on the road was a Volkswagon Beetle but my husband has managed to pass on his passion for vehicles down to the next generation and now if I DON’T know the cars around me, I’d be totally outnumbered in the family.  So I try […]

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Unexpected Chickens on our Electric Chuckanut Drive

Unexpected Chickens on an electric drive down the Chuckanut

July 6, 2016

Windy turns and hidden bakeries, scenic pull-outs and switchbacks reminiscent of the old Sea-to-Sky highway from Vancouver to Whistler are all reason to drive the Chuckanut Route that hugs the coast from Mt Vernon to Bellingham for about a 30 minute drive.  With small kids and family up north, we were always in a rush […]

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Tacoma with kids in an electric car

A trip to Tacoma might be the perfect Seattle Staycation for local families

June 23, 2016

How lucky are we in the Pacific Northwest to have so many fabulous places to visit within decent driveable distances?  My family recently visited Tacoma as guests of Tacoma Tourism and we were curious to learn about Tacoma as a family travel destination as well how it would be as a destination for electric car travelers. It’s […]

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Castle at Hong Kong Disneyland

Why Hong Kong Disneyland Might be a Good Idea for Your Family

June 10, 2016

As a family travel blogger it’s hard to admit that my husband is a little Disney-hesitant.  He would much rather head to a beach or museum than chance the misery of  crowds, lines and the over zealous pizzazz of all things Disneyland.  It doesn’t mean we haven’t been.  But it means that it’s not on […]

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cyclebc rental in vancouver

An Electric Car, Scooters and Yummy Food in Vancouver BC

March 24, 2016

Living in Seattle we are SO lucky to be equidistant between Vancouver and Portland which are two excellent food hubs in the northwest and both cities are only about a 3-hour drive away.  This makes Seattle such an excellent starting point if food is a reason why you travel.  It is also pretty convenient to […]

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skiing in whistler with kids

Whistler with kids in the Wintertime and a hotel with your own hot tub

January 8, 2016

Everyone I know has been talking about going to Whistler lately and it is such a fun place to go-especially with kids-there is just so much to do.  When we were MUCH younger the hubby and I used to wake up early, pack his two-seater gold Fiero to the brim, and drive off with his […]

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waiting for the water taxi

A suite hotel with breakfast and a great location (Victoria, BC)

October 21, 2015

Every time I hear the song “Under the Boardwalk” I’m whisked back to the steps along the water in front of the Empress hotel where the buskers seem to play this song over and over through the summers of my memories in Victoria BC as a child. So this summer when we returned to Vancouver […]

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view of a roller coaster near San Diego

Car2Go Electric Car envy in San Diego

October 14, 2015

It isn’t hard to find good things to say about Car2Go in Seattle. I think they are the main reason my husband has been able to bike to work for the past couple years because they are so easy to use that they provide a great backup for when he needs a car in the […]

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things to pack for road trips with kids

Things I’m loving for the last Road Trip of the Summer on a Monday

August 31, 2015

If we remember one thing about the summer of 2015, it is that this was the summer we really embraced the road trip in our family.  There are so many fabulous places within driving distance of Seattle and our newest obsession with driving electric has given us a fun reason to get out and explore. […]

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Tesla trip from Seattle to Whistler stopping at Squamish supercharger

Our favorite place to stop and re-charge on our way up to Whistler just got better

August 13, 2015

As long as I can remember we’ve stopped at Squamish on the way to Whistler.  When I was younger it meant that we’d get an Egg McMuffin and coffee in the early morning on the way to a day of skiing from Vancouver.  And then Tim Horton’s came along and we started stopping there for […]

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Ritzvill Washington Supercharger for Tesla

If you need a Tesla discount code for supercharging when you buy a Tesla electric car

July 30, 2015

So we bought a Tesla Model S in 2015, and I try to write about the road trips we’ve taken in our Model S with the kids whenever I can.  We’ve visited Whistler, Couer D’Alene and Vancouver Island and it’s been really easy to charge and drive on and on and on.  And I know […]

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family road trips by electric car

A family weekend Tesla Trip to Coeur d’Alene and stops along the way (roadtrips from Seattle)

July 29, 2015

It’s a great time for electric cars in Seattle right now-everyday it seems like we see more and more on the road and I even noticed a bus advertising AAA emergency roadside charging service for electric vehicles and they have a lot of resources on their website too. This type of thing makes road trips […]

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electric hybrid vehicle plug

Even grown-ups want to drive Power Wheels (When Chevy loaned me a Volt for a week)

April 13, 2015

One spectacular Christmas, my guys received Power Wheel Cars and they drove around my parent’s house like two speed demons trying to beat each other to any and every destination they could dream of.  They both felt so powerful and free and they raced until their batteries were out of juice and needed to be […]

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