Using a Tesla Ski Rack and the Supercharger in Whistler

Testing out the Whispbar Tesla Ski Rack on a trip to Whistler with kids and stopping to charge at the New Whistler Supercharger at the Fairmont Hotel
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Thank goodness for Craigslist because my husband was able to purchase a barely used Whispbar Tesla ski rack for  less than the heftier price tag it usually comes with which is so nice when you’re dealing with anything Tesla and we wanted to add a ski rack so we can do some winter road trips.  We are such big fans of this electric car and we’ve had our model S for nearly 4 years.  We’ve taken it on many road trips now from Seattle to Tofino, from Seattle to Idaho and multiple trips to Vancouver, the Oregon Coast and Whistler BC.   We were a little worried about how functional an electric car would be when we first purchased it but it has been such a great family car. The Supercharger network has also grown immensely since we first bought our model S nearly 4 years ago.  Our goal is to keep this vehicle for at least 10 years even though it’s so tempting to trade it in for a newer model.  We recently tried out the Whispbar Tesla Ski Rack on our road trip to visit friends in Whistler and it was really handy to be able to put our skis on the roof as it freed up a ton of space in the car.

How Much stuff can you fit into a Tesla Model S

How much stuff can you fit in a Model S now that you can put your skis on top with a Whispbar Tesla Ski Rack

We unloaded a bunch of things from our winter holiday travels and could not believe all the stuff we managed to put into our vehicle.  Between the frunk and the trunk we had room for all of our Christmas presents, some snacks, clothing and winter gear for a week that included snowshoes and ice skates, chains and shovels just in case we needed them in inclement weather and our ski pants and ski boots and sleds.  Oh and there was a guitar too.  We also had room for two grownups and two 10-year old boys.

The New Whistler Tesla Supercharger at the Fairmont Hotel and a peek at the Whispbar Tesla Ski Rack

The Tesla Ski Rack and Wind Resistance

We didn’t conduct any real scientific research but one thing you should be aware of with the Tesla Ski Rack is that it reduces how far you can go on a single charge because it adds wind resistance.  Wind Resistance paired with cold weather adds to decreased battery power and this makes it even more important to make sure you keep an eye on how much energy you have to drive on.  We powered up in Squamish where we usually charge and thought we would have enough charge to get to Whistler and back but were surprised at how much our battery decreased on the trip from Squamish to Whistler and a few trips around the village so we decided we should play it safe and charge in Whistler before we left.

Eating at Sidecut while trying out the new Whistler Tesla Supercharger at the fairmont Hotel

The New Tesla Supercharger in Whistler

The new Tesla supercharger in Whistler is located in the Fairmont Hotel Parking lot.  You will have to pay $5 an hour for parking and the parking spots are very small.  We heard rumors that they are often ICE’d but we were able to get a parking spot with little trouble.  Because our battery was so cold, it took a little while to start charging (which was a little scary at first) but things warmed up and it was awesome to be able to get a charge while eating some breakfast.  The Sidecut restaurant in the bottom of the Fairmont has really delicious baked goods and coffee.  They also have hearty breakfast bowls that are very foodie-friendly too.  The kids enjoyed waffles and the breakfast bowl and there are options on the menu if you are looking for entrees that are gluten free or vegetarian.  We also tried the Wildflower restaurant on this trip to Whistler with kids too and it was a real treat if you want a more decadent and grand breakfast in Whistler.  If you eat at the Wildflower, I’ve read that you can get your parking ticket validated by your server (but of course these things change so always check their site before you go.)

The Supercharger at Guilford Town Centre Mall

The Supercharger at Guildford Town Centre Mall

We also stopped at the Supercharger at Guildford Center on the way back from Whistler to Seattle.  This new charger is at a mall with a great food court, bubble tea and lots of ways to spend Supercharging time.  I didn’t realize how close it is also to a community center and library.  It might be a great excuse to swim or ice skate one day while we’re charging.  There is also a Famoso Pizza here and we’ve been to other locations with the kids and they’ve enjoyed the food. Togo sushi is also a fast and inexpensive reliable Canadian sushi chain.  And London Drugs is here and it’s a great place to stock up on Canadian treats like ketchup chips, Coffee Crisp bars and Aero. By stopping here we could make it all the way back to Seattle without having to stop and charge again.  In the early days before this charger we used to have to ration our Vancouver driving a little more or count on stopping in Mount Vernon.

Do you drive electric too?  Or are you considering an electric vehicle?  After owning one for 4+ years it’s really cool to see how far this technology has come even in that short amount of time and I’m always excited to see what new electric cars come out next!

(PS. If you are looking for a Tesla Referral Code you can click through and use this code.  I didn’t realize these were still useful but someone recently messaged me asking if I had one because it gives them 6 months free of Supercharging for Model X, S and Model 3 cars.)

Picture of how much stuff you can fit in a Tesla Model S electric car




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