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Tesla Model X at Seattle Auto Show

A new Tesla electric car charger in Lynnwood and pondering going completely gas-free

February 13, 2018

A couple years ago when we first got our Tesla we were a little apprehensive about buying an electric car for a family car.  We had one option for charging on the way between Seattle and Vancouver and with all the long-driving we do to see relatives between here and there we didn’t know if […]

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Stop in Squamish for Family Friendly activities and restaurants

Whistler with kids and a fun place to see eagles and eat along the way

January 4, 2018

When I was a kid, I grew up in a small Vancouver suburb and we used to be able to drive to Whistler and back for a day trip.  We had our favorite places to eat, like Ingrid’s which is still in Whistler, and we would always stop at the McDonald’s in Squamish along the […]

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Vancouver Island with kids on the Victoria Clipper

An almost Car-free trip to Vancouver Island with kids in about 48 hours or so

August 6, 2017

As much as we Seattleites die a little when people say “Pike’s Market” instead of “Pike Place Market,” it’s probably a little the same up in Vancouver when people think Victoria and Victoria Island are the same place too.  As neighbors to the south, we know that Victoria Island does not exist, but Victoria on […]

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cyclebc rental in vancouver

An Electric Car, Scooters and Yummy Food in Vancouver BC

March 24, 2016

Living in Seattle we are SO lucky to be equidistant between Vancouver and Portland which are two excellent food hubs in the northwest and both cities are only about a 3-hour drive away.  This makes Seattle such an excellent starting point if food is a reason why you travel.  It is also pretty convenient to […]

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light display at granville island

A stay in my FAVORITE place in the world (Granville Island Hotel, Vancouver, BC)

February 11, 2016

Do you have a place that you love more than anywhere in the world? A place that evokes a happy tornado of memories of being little and growing up, of times with friends and family and good coffee, pastries, flowers and gorgeous views? For me this place is Granville Island in Vancouver, BC. I’ve loved […]

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skiing in whistler with kids

Whistler with kids in the Wintertime and a hotel with your own hot tub

January 8, 2016

Everyone I know has been talking about going to Whistler lately and it is such a fun place to go-especially with kids-there is just so much to do.  When we were MUCH younger the hubby and I used to wake up early, pack his two-seater gold Fiero to the brim, and drive off with his […]

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homemade gluten-free peanut butter cake

When you stop to ponder your AAA membership, how safe Canada is and what this all means for family travel on a Monday

December 15, 2015

I met a few angels this weekend on my drive to Vancouver.  What started out as a mission to celebrate my grandpa’s 91st and my sister’s 30-ish birthday made for a bit of a disaster. My car almost broke down on a big bridge in Vancouver, but thankfully crawled and spluttered a little farther and […]

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