A new Tesla electric car charger in Lynnwood and pondering going completely gas-free

Tesla Model X at Seattle Auto Show
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A couple years ago when we first got our Tesla we were a little apprehensive about buying an electric car for a family car.  We had one option for charging on the way between Seattle and Vancouver and with all the long-driving we do to see relatives between here and there we didn’t know if this kind of car would be feasible for our lifestyle.  Thankfully we have a few friends who also have electric cars so we are always chatting about where we can charge when we travel and having this network has been unbelievably helpful in making the switch to electric driving.  Fast-forward a few years and it’s amazing how many Tesla chargers keep popping up on our dashboard when we head out for a long-drive.  We love how each new charger opens up a new place for us to explore and it’s been suprisingly easy to drive electric in Washington State.  We recently stopped at the new Tesla electric car charger in Lynnwood and I’m really excited about having this new charger because of all the convenient things nearby.

new Tesla electric car charger in Lynnwood

Lynnwood Tesla Supercharger

The new Tesla electric car charger in Lynnwood is in the parking lot of a Fred Meyer.  There is a Mod Pizza within a walkable distance and we love eating at Mod Pizza because it is tasty and “super fast.”  There is a Starbucks and a Five Guys here too.  On a Friday trip up to Vancouver from Seattle if there is a lot of traffic, I can see us stopping here instead of in Burlington so that we can multi-task with dinner and stay off the roads until the traffic dies down.  On the way home from a trip to Canada, this makes a really convenient stop to pick up groceries from Fred Meyer too.  I do like the space in the ‘frunk’ of these electric cars-it’s amazing how much stuff you can store when you have a trunk in the back too!

What does the frunk in a Tesla look like

With the new charging stop in Snoqualmie coming as well, I’m so happy about how this will help with our mountain driving.  This alleviates some of the pressure to make sure we’re charged up before making a trip through Snoqualmie Pass.  I am so curious about the new restaurants and stops we’ll find in an area we wouldn’t otherwise explore.  We have seen so many interesting places because of where we’ve had to stop and charge.  The kids bring outdoor toys to play with when they stretch their feet and they get excited about the Pokemon they might find in each new area too.

New Tesla electric car charger in Lynnwood makes a drive from Vancouver to Seattle easy by electric car

When will Vancouver BC get a Supercharger?

In a perfect world for Washington and British Columbia Tesla drivers there needs to be a Tesla Supercharger in Vancouver Canada.  The only Tesla Supercharger we’ve been to in British Columbia is the one on the way to Whistler and it’s been such a dream.  We do still have a little trouble getting charging on our trips to Vancouver and to the suburbs of Vancouver where our families live.  However, there is buzz that there are new chargers coming and we’ve made use of the ones in Ikea (thank you so much Ikea!!) and other plugs that we find on plushare so driving electric has been a lot easier than we imagined when we first started this adventure.

Should we go completely gas-free?

So, now we’re faced with a new possibility.  I’m thinking of trading in my gas-powered car for the new Tesla model 3-we are currently in the line up and we are waiting for the all wheel drive option so we still have at least a few months before we have to make the decision.  Can we do it?  Can we go completely gas-free?  Can we rely completely on electricity to get us around to all the places we need to go? And I still haven’t seen one yet in real life, so I still need to find one to test drive too. I’m so very thankful for a test-drive years ago in a Chevy Volt that is both electric and gas powered that made us first think that going electric could even be a possibility.  Do you drive an electric car or are you considering one?  If you have any questions or need a referral code please let me know!  (My dream is to see the Tesla factory one day.  I can’t imagine how these cars are made!)


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