Holiday Tea at Salish Lodge is better if you bring a little guest

holiday tea at salish lodge and spa
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I’ve been wanting to take my boys to eat at the Salish Lodge ever since my husband and I stayed there last year and I heard about this honey from heaven thing they do to pancakes where if you ask for honey on your pancakes, they drip it from far above your plate.

I thought my kids would find it fun to see honey drip onto their breakfast from high above their heads.

So when they decided to take me for the Holiday Tea for my birthday, I was totally excited.

tea with kids at Salish Lodge

We have been to a few teas, and the view from this one is truly gorgeous-we could even get a peek of the falls from the window by our table. They didn’t do the honey thing so we’ll have to come back for pancakes but many of the treats had honey from the famous Salish Lodge bees in them, so I thought that was neat too.steelite craft plate

I appreciated the modern Steelite dishes the lodge used for the tea.  I’ve been seeing this “craft” design in so many trendy restaurants, not just in Seattle, but also in Whistler at the restaurant in Nita Lake Lodge and at Puesto in San Diego recently!  I thought this was a thoughtful use of this pottery instead of the traditional frilly porcelain plates you see at teas.  (I love those too, but this added a little west coast “joie de vivre.”)

My guys like eating out and I love how many tea services have a kids’ menu. The menu at the Salish Lodge is the first time though that I’ve been envious of what my kids were eating.

tea with kids at salish lodge

Peanut Butter and Jelly on Banana Bread is something delicious that is only on the kids menu and it is so simple I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before.  I even have a banana Pinterest board!  I was glad my kids love me enough to share.

After tea, we visited the waterfall and it’s really mighty right now.

Snoqualmie Falls in December 2015

I really appreciated a hike to walk off a little of our sweets and I love any excuse to snap pictures of my kids in sweaters and button down shirts.  It’s about a half mile down and up to the bottom of the falls-I wasn’t wearing great shoes but it was still not a horrible trek.

hiking near salish lodge to the waterfall

It was actually a really delightful afternoon with my kids and I don’t think you’ll find a more scenic tearoom anywhere near Seattle like this.  We might just have to add this to our list of Seattle winter traditions too!

(PS. Do you like going for afternoon tea?  Where do you like to go?)




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  1. If you are trying to convince a significant other you’re serious I highly recommending a dinner date at Salish Lodge. The view of the falls is stunning and the food is absolutely amazing. I took my wife there to celebrate an anniversary which has helped me through some less thoughtful moments. The park next to the lodge has a stunning platform and the walk down to the bottom of the falls is very popular.

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