Eating in the New Year at Pike Place Market: Michou Deli, Seattle

Michou: 52 weeks in Pike Place Market
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Few things catch my eye like tasty pastries and whenever I walk by Michou Deli, I am intrigued by these round donut-like desserts in the window and I’ve been meaning to try them for a long time. But because this place is right next to Le Panier, I always go there first for the macarons my kids request when I go to Pike Place market and then I run out of time to stop in and try something new.

So the other day my husband met me for lunch so we could try Michou Deli together.  I think I could probably spend 52 weeks just trying all the food options in this place alone-there are so many delicious-looking salads, sandwiches, pastas and even baked potatoes.  If you are like me and like to peruse a menu before you go, they have their menu on their website.

Zappole from Michou Deli-52 weeks of eating at Pike Place Market

The little donuts that drew me in are called “Zappole” and they were delicious and I’m so glad that I finally got to try them.  I especially loved the one that was orange-flavored.

And I couldn’t believe that this deli had Nanaimo Bars, a treat I loved growing up in Canada.  I think Michou Deli is probably the only place I’ve ever seen Nanaimo Bars in Seattle and we had to try one too for nostalgia’s sake.

Nanaimo Bars at Michou Deli in Pike Place Market Seattle

As the hubby and I sat in the deli and caught up on our respective days and discussed the busy week ahead, I realized that this adorable deli is a perfect stop for days that I need a salad or side dish or maybe even a whole meal that I can pick up and bring home for dinner and I can’t believe I hadn’t stopped in here before.  I was also surprised at how reasonably-priced everything here seemed to be.

lunch at Michou Deli in Pike Place Market there are many vegetarian options

I love that my goal of trying new Pike Place Market eateries will definitely expand my food repertoire.  I am so glad we started the New Year here!

(PS. if you don’t see a lot of seating in the front of this deli there are a few more spaces tucked around the back.  AND, if you exit through the back door and follow the little corridor between a few stores you will find a courtyard that has tables and chairs that are perfect for sunny days.)

(PPS. I am horrible at directions and actually love the adventures I find getting lost but if you are not of that sort you might want to ask about the courtyard as you order your food to make sure you find the right place.)

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