Mother’s Day Shopping on a Monday

Pro flowers Mother's Day flowers
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Yes, life should be about presence not presents, but I do love a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a fun experience gift and I’ve found some fabulous ones in Seattle if you’re looking for a tangible thank you for your mom or other influential ladies in your life.  I’ve had an exciting week so far playing with a car Toyota let me borrow for an early Mother’s Day adventure.  I’ve been driving around a fancy blue hybrid RAV4 and it’s been a lot of fun.  So far I’ve really appreciated the GPS that is both in the dashboard and in the middle console-I’ve found driving around really easy because I can find my way and because it’s a hybrid it gets good mileage so I haven’t had to fill it up yet!

Toyota RAV4 hybrid is rugged and cute and fun to drifve

I even took my mom up to the cabin in Snoqulamie Pass and to the Salish Lodge for lunch and she had never seen Snoqualmie Falls before so we had a great time.  The car handled well through the mountains and I liked that it’s rugged but fun (and dare I say cute!)at the same time.

Snoqualmie falls

I always look forward to seeing what Uvillage is going to package up for their Mother’s Day and this year’s boxes are fantastic.  100 percent of the proceeds of these boxes filled with local finds like Trophy Cupcakes, Butter London polishes and other Uvillage treats go to Ronald McDonald House and that makes a perfect present that totally gives AND gives back.

My favorite farm box from ACME farms has started a flower subscription that sounds amazing.

And another flower company, Pro flowers sent me this gorgeous vase of blooms because they have partnered with the Mother’s Day movie that just came out. I think it would be such a fun experience to go to the movie together with my mom and sister for Mother’s Day AND get a bouquet of flowers that is in the movie too!

Pro flowers Mother's Day bouquet

There are some other fun Mother’s Day experiences in Seattle too: Eat Seattle Tours might still have room in their Mother’s Day cooking class in Pike Place Market’s Atrium Kitchen.  And the Six Seven restaurant at the Edgewater hotel is putting together a special Mother’s Day brunch that sounds pretty fantastic as well.

So if you are trying to figure out Mother’s Day for yourself, your mom or a friend I hope this helps!  I’m just excited for a sunny week in Seattle and if I find any more fun things I’ll share them too!

(PS. I received a Toyota RAV4 hybrid to borrow for a week for review purposes and I also received a bouquet of flowers from Pro flowers and of course the ideas here are mine alone.)

(PPS. Tea Collection, a fave brand of mine has a Mother’s Day contest this week that you might want to check out!)






9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Shopping on a Monday

    1. Yes! It’s such a great place to celebrate-and those flowers lasted quite a long time!

    1. Snoqualmie Falls is so pretty and we ate lunch there and it was quite goo too:). Toyotas are awesome-this one is really fun to drive.

      1. I’d be okay with a lot more weather like this! I need to do an Eat Seattle tour too but I’ve eaten brunch at the Edgewater and it’s SO good!

  1. Great ideas! I still need to do an Eat Seattle Tour and brunch at the Edgewater sounds divine. What a perfect week to go to Salish. i’m absolutely loving this weather!

  2. Going to Snoqualmie Falls with your mom is such a great idea! I wish my mom lived in town so I could do that. I guess I’ll have to go with the flowers instead.

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