World Burger Tour with Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Shop Victoria Peak
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It seems like every big city has a Hard Rock Cafe and Seattle is no different.  Ours is right near Pike Place Market and it has some iconic Nirvana and Pearl Jam memorabilia and an awesome rooftop deck too!  I was recently contacted about their World Burger Tour, a menu showcasing some Local “Legendary Burgers” from now until June 30th, like an English Breakfast Burger (for London, England with toppings like a fried egg, ham and sausage and a side of baked beans) or a Greek Burger (for Athens, Greece with feta cheese, tomato and arugula) and even one for Seattle that of course includes bacon as one of its toppings.  I’m more of a chicken fan so I’m glad there is a Tandoori Chicken Burger on the menu too.

Anyways, I was really intrigued by the literal World Burger Tour they’re offering.  It’s a travel package that takes adventurous burger lovers to locations in London, Athens, Buenos Aires and Seattle on a 10-night trip that includes flights, first class hotel accommodations, ground transport and exclusive dining and music experiences at Hard Rock Cafe locations.  I have never heard of a trip like this and it sounds like a truly VIP trip of a lifetime.

I got back yesterday from our Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo trip where I passed Hard Rock Cafes while we blazed through the cities with our kids while on a trip for a family wedding.  (The pictures in this post are from the Hard Rock Cafe Rock Shop on Victoria Peak) I can only imagine what you’ll see if you fly around the world stopping at all the cities on this World Burger tour.

Hard Rock Cafe Shop Peak Tower Hong Kong

I am looking forward to Checking out the Seattle Hard Rock Cafe next week to try out their menu and add it to my list of new Pike Place Market restaurants I’ve been to this year.  And I’d love to hear if anyone is going on the amazing World Burger Tour trip. It sounds like it’s going to be an incredible journey!

(PS. I was contacted by Hard Rock International about this promotion and I will be a guest at the restaurant when I visit.)

5 thoughts on “World Burger Tour with Hard Rock Cafe

  1. I feel like that’s a challenge. A challenge we should all take on with friends who are locals to those areas if possible. And then go eat MORE burgers, because we can.

  2. Wow cool that you got chosen to review Hard Rock…I love their food..Ive been to the one In SFO and Honolulu, would love to go to some In the Asian Countries..never been overseas!

    Have fun and have a great weekend!


  3. Hi! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! My family and I just moved herr. We havr had a Family Blog for sometime. My sister just told me that folks get contacted by aces as guests. Kinda like you for Hard Rock. Anyways, she said I should try this. We have always blogged about our adventures because we have six kids, so as a big family it takes a lot to travel with a lot of ideas to have fun. Anyways, would you mind helping me how thy found you or they reach to you. Thank you.

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