When you need a little self-care on a Monday

Rainy days ahead means time for self-care in Seattle
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The other night I walked home from an event after a friend gave me a ride and I got a text later that evening “Just checking to make sure you’re home okay…” My husband has been away for work for the week and my mom was babysitting my kids (and I) for the evening but it still felt nice that someone else out there in the big big world also had my back. Sometimes I forget that I do have people in my back corner when things get a little tough, as lessons and school and commitments get overwhelming and when grown-upping feels too big to bear.  So as the days get a little darker earlier and holiday stress (both good and tough) starts to peek around the corner, I’m taking today for a little self-care and I thought I’d share some of the things I’m doing just in case you might be feeling it too.

My biggest indulgence lately has been scrolling through the pages of Anthropologie Home.  Maybe it’s because I have so much sports and boys stuff in my life, I have firmly decided that I’m one day buying the Florabelle Wallpaper from Anthropologie to line my toiletry closet so I have something beautiful to look at it when I go to replace the toilet paper rolls.  I spent a few weeks this summer unglamorously scraping paint off the deck (which is also surprisingly therapeutic) so I feel like I am now capable of other home projects.  But I have a feeling if I let the boys choose they would all go for Jungle Vines.  Do you have a favorite store you shop online at when you just need to zone?

Nest thermostat

I came home a few weeks ago to find the hubby bought a Nest and also installed it himself (he painted a trellis this summer and now ALSO feels like he is capable of home improvement) but I’ve actually been enjoying playing with this fancy thermostat.  Being the only grownup in the house right now lets me dictate that this house prefers Maui or Phoenix temperatures, but I think it has a remote control or something because someone keeps turning it back to Alaska.  (And I hope in the next version there is a palm tree and ice cube emoji instead of the numbers) I also have these awesome shoe driers that have been quite useful on my wet running shoes so I’m looking for a more heavy duty one for the guys soccer cleats and hubby’s cycling shoes too.  Do you know of any good shoe driers?  Surely people must need these in Seattle

With the cooling temperatures here too, I bought this scarf from Target  and it’s hopefully arriving soon. I love that blanket scarves seem to be pretty ‘in’ because I’ll take any excuse for  having a blanket tucked up so close to my neck all day that I can almost pretend I’m curled up in bed. It’s like an inevitable invitation just to linger over a cup of coffee that much longer, or curl up with a book in a corner to read which helps so much to cheer me up on dreary days.  I received my Book of the Month club book THE MOTHERS and I have been savoring the writing-this book is so intriguing and it’s totally drawn me in! I wasn’t sure of how I would like my Book of the Month subscription but I love having a curated selection of books I can pick from or have one picked for me and the fact they show up on my doorstep and have beautiful cover designs and a community online to discuss them if I want have all been really helpful in encouraging me to read more. I’m thankful that my real-life book club is starting up again too.  I’m so excited that we’re reading Maria Semple’s new book because I really loved “Where’d you Go Bernadette!”

Moore Coffee Shop in Seattle

Another friend texted me this feisty book she read because we were chatting about how hard it is to get to so many things these days when it’s just us and our kids and all the activities and time commitments pile on top of each other.  “Life is short, she messaged me “We think too much and we should just live.” She knows I have a mutual love-hate for the book it spoofs too so while is sounds like it has a harsh theme, I am curious to read it and maybe get some tips for feeling less badly when we can’t make it to all things all the time.  But after I put it in my cart, I couldn’t let my virtual cart feel so angry, so I also bought this book too to even out the Karma. The universe needs more love, especially when things are a little off.

Leaves on the ground

And of course, I’m back to running.  I think this is the best self-care for my body and my mind.  I’m hoping to run the Hot Chocolate run this March.  I figure by getting ready for this 15km I can decide later if I want to do a half-marathon again in the summer.  It’s been a while.  (Would love running tips if you are a runner too!)

So I hope where ever you are today and however you are feeling or whatever you’re shopping for I hope you find something a little uplifting and something for you.  Maybe you go for a walk or maybe you take some time at the spa or maybe you get a little yoga in your life, but I think it’s important to find something every day that is yours alone.  At least that’s my self-care mantra today.  And if you juse realized you have someone in your back corner cheering you on, make sure you send a thank you to the universe, like I am going to need to over the next few days.  These people are golden and it’s amazing that when times are dim how much their bright light shines.

Volunteer Park in Seattle

(PS My favorite thing ever to cheer me up right now is texting “Congrats” to my husband.  Somehow it makes confetti on my phone and my hubby’s phone.  Try it!  Happy Birthday! Works too:)

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