Orange you glad an after school snack can help your kids learn their states

Halosfun ornament
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A little while ago, I received a package in the mail from Halos.  I was excited when I saw the cute little orange on the front and it was so festively Christmas with an adorable orange-shaped ornament, some crafting decor, coupons and A MAP.

Halosfun mandarin oranges

My guys LOVE maps.

And this one is a pretty innovative map idea because it helps encourage my kids to EAT oranges (and me to buy oranges) so they can collect the state stickers and I always think anything that gets them to eat fresh fruit and vegetables is a great way to start off a New Year.  And the fact that my kids are learning more about their country is definitely a bonus too. I know it’s so important for them to learn ALL the states soon and this is a fun way that gets our whole family talking about places in the United States we want to visit while we snack.

50 states sticker game with halos mandarin oranges

I looked on the Halos website and found a downloadable map to share.  It sounds like there might be some kind of surprise if we actually get the map completed (there are rules and directions how to play the Goodness Sticker Game on the site and an address to send the completed map to).  We’ve collected around 12 stickers so we’ll see how far we actually get and I’ll let you know if we actually finish.  Right now it’s just a fun process.  The boys are REALLY excited to find a Washington sticker and I would like to see one from New York or Hawaii.  I’m also glad that there are some “any state” stickers just in case we get close to finishing but don’t have ALL the states.  It’s made my guys excited to come grocery shopping with me to help pick out their oranges too.

So I’m thankful for this neat 50 states sticker game idea and we are now eating TONS of oranges in this house so I thought I’d share.  Are you playing this game in your house?  Do you have tips on getting kids to learn the names of all the states?

(PS. As I stated before, I received some items from Halos, but this is not a sponsored post and I was not required to share and the ideas in my blog are my own.  I have no idea how many bags of oranges we’ve now bought and eaten……)


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  1. What a cute game!! I love learning games like that and Halo oranges are so yummy! Major mom points for fun and health 😄.

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