Finding Uncommon Gifts at Uncommon Goods

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Do you have a favorite store to find unique gifts?  I was contacted recently by Uncommon Goods to share some of my favorite finds with you and I was totally excited because their catalog is one that I love getting in the mail and I also enjoy perusing their online site when I’m looking for gifts for family and friends for things like presents for anniversary milestones or presents that can be personalized.  Shopping for one-of-a-kind gifts is one of the pastimes I look forward to the most.

I especially like Uncommon Goods gifts for home ideas.  They have a mission that commits to giving back and promoting sustainability and these are values I can truly get behind when I decorate my home.  I’m looking for art for the cabin right now and I like the idea of this star and planet chart for the boys’ room.

And this year is the hubby and my 15th anniversary!  I think this is such a cool art present that I might like to have made too with both of our last names.  I love that it’s made in Oregon which is where we spent our honeymoon so many years ago!

We also do a lot of puzzles up at the cabin and this one is a really unique take on the puzzle art form.  I’m very curious about this puzzle that turns into a vase and it could be kind of useful if we make it.

I need to remember this idea for the next family event or wedding-I love this personalized wishing wall box.  It feels so nice to read good wishes from family and friends over the years and these are presents that mean so much.

I also remember growing up that people could also send away to “buy a star” in some of the comic books I read.  I always loved this idea even though it was really cheesy and I don’t think you actually got to name or own the star.  So this artwork, this “personalized constellation“, really speaks to me because it seems like a more authentic version of “buying a star.”  I love that you can choose the night sky over a certain place and time and freeze it in art forever.  (I told my husband that this is another thing I might want for our milestone anniversary…..)

And aren’t you ready for cherry blossoms?  I’m totally excited about cherry blossoms that are starting to pop up in Seattle and I have a snow globe for the winter that I’d love to exchange out for this one in February when I get so TIRED of snow.

It is unusually rainy and snowy in the Pacific Northwest this year and I know this because we usually have baseball starting up around this time and the weather has never felt this wet.  (This year we’re taking a break.)  IF we were playing this doormat would be perfect!  This rainbow umbrella that I’ve seen in some cool instagram pics would also be ideal for the weather we’re having in Seattle.  I have spent many soccer games absolutely soaked but this would be a delightfully cheery way to keep dry.

I’m so very tempted to buy this moss ball too because it looks easy to keep alive.

I could probably spend hours searching through Uncommon Goods site and I love that I can do this at home when the kids are asleep and save time finding unique things.  Do you shop for gifts online like me or are you still a fan of going to stores?  I’d love to hear!

(PS. I created this post in partnership with Uncommon Goods and the images included in this post are from their site but the viewpoints expressed in this post are my own.)

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