Five delicious places to eat at Seatac Airport

Where to eat at Seatac Airport-this is Lady Yum
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Are you headed through SeaTac airport any time soon? I totally wish I was! We are finally getting our air travel plans for the new year together but until then I need to travel vicariously through anyone who gets to go on a trip in the next little while.  I recently visited the airport not to get away but to learn about some new restaurants that will be opening up soon.  I am such a fan of our Seattle airport-they do an amazing job of bringing a sense of place to travelers who are arriving to our city or even just passing through and they have a great selection of restaurants and shops. I don’t mind when we have to plan more time at the airport because there’s lots to see and do here.

Floret Vegetarian Restaurant at Seatac AirportFlorist vision board Seatac


I’m over the moon excited about Floret, a sister restaurant to the delightful Cafe Flora in Seattle. I saw a vision board of what the cafe will look like and I can’t wait to see it in real life when it opens. Floret like Cafe Flora, will be vegetarian-friendly and I’m thankful there’s a place taking meatless Monday to all the days of the week at the airport too! So although I’ve never eaten at Floret, if it’s open when you’re traveling-please GO!!! I’m sure it will be unlike any other airport restaurant experience you or I have ever had and if you do go before I do please tell me all about it!

Where to eat at Seatac Airport: this is Lady Yum a Seattle-based Macaron shopMacaron and bubbles gift at Lady Yum

Lady Yum

Lady Yum in Kirkland and South Lake Union are beautiful macaron stores and the one at the airport brings so many of the gorgeous design elements from these stores back to the airport-places like this add to the excitement of travel and macarons are the perfect small indulgence treat. They’re also very portable and make great gifts. Lady Yum has gift packs of macarons and mini bottles of bubbly and fun party supplies.  My boys and I love finding bakeries and macaron shops all over the world and it’s fantastic that Seattle has such a beatuiful macaron store to represent our city.

Vending machine at Beechers Cheese at Seattle Tacoma Airport


Beechers is such an iconic Pike Place Market business where people stand mesmerized watching the baby cheese curds through the window.  Beechers at the airport brings the same yummy sandwiches, macaroni and cheese and tomato soup that people in Seattle love.  I think you can buy cheese here too if you want to bring a bit of Seattle with you when you go.  They also have this really cool vending machine I want to try the next time.  And I know they used to have a fun French Toast dish here that they don’t have at the market but I didn’t see it on the menu the last time I went…maybe they’ll bring it back?

Qdoba at Seattle Tacoma Airport


This is our staple restaurant when we travel through with the kids.  There may be a secret kids’ menu if you ask.  We love the breakfast burritos here because there are so many toppings to customize them.  And we often share because some of the items are big enough for two people! This restaurant is moving to a new space from where it’s been for years so I’m excited to see what it looks like the next time we visit.

Dilettante at Seatac Airport


This one is for anyone who loves yummy desserts.  When the kids were babies and we would travel on a longer flight like one to Hawaii, I would buy a piece of cake from Dilettante to eat when I finally got them to sleep on the airplane as my reward.  The cakes here are delightful and I noticed a lot of new pastries in the case the last time I was at the airport.

And here is a bonus for when you have picked up your baggage. If you see an Alki Bakery sign you should stop to see if they have any Espresso Chocolate Chip muffins.  This is one of my husband’s favorite Seattle treats and this is one of the only places in Seattle (other than Alki Bakery itself) where you will be able to get one.  I’ve noticed sometimes they’re sold out here too, so they are probably on other people’s ‘favorite’ lists as well.

Have you flown through Seatac Airport-do you have a favorite place to eat?  Or do you have a lot of love for an airport you’ve visited? I’d love to hear what it is and why!  Happy travels!

(PS.  I went to a media event to learn about new restaurants opening at the airport and the ideas and opinions are my own.)

Paper Straws at Lady Yum at Seatac Airport

(PPS. I love that you do not need to buy water at this airport.  If you bring a water bottle there are MANY water bottle filling stations where you can fill up.  A lot of restaurants here are also starting to use paper straws instead of plastic ones which is so much better for the environment!)

And if you’re in Seattle for a visit with your family, here are some of our favorite places to eat IN Seattle.


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