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Road to Hana with two active boys (Maui with kids)

February 27, 2013

For some reason the Road to Hana is like some holy Grail in Maui.  Can you drive it with kids?  Should you drive it if you’re in Maui with kids?  Is it going to be a day of fun, or a day full of whining, screaming, and car-sickness?  We thought about all these things and […]

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Did somebody pinch me? (Maui with kids)

February 12, 2013

How is that we’re already back?  Weren’t we just at the top of a crater minutes ago? Or exploring caves? Paddle-boarding in an ocean teeming with whales. And driving gorgeous but treacherous roads along an incredible coastline.  We even got chased by a cow. (All the while chugging Dayquil on the beach and trying to […]

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