Testing out the Whispbar Tesla Ski Rack on a trip to Whistler with kids and stopping to charge at the New Whistler Supercharger at the Fairmont Hotel

Using a Tesla Ski Rack and the Supercharger in Whistler

January 16, 2019

Thank goodness for Craigslist because my husband was able to purchase a barely used Whispbar Tesla ski rack for  less than the heftier price tag it usually comes with which is so nice when you’re dealing with anything Tesla and we wanted to add a ski rack so we can do some winter road trips.  We […]

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Fun at the Audain Art Museum with kids a delicious breakfast at the Wildflower Restaurant and finding the best hot chocolate in Whistler

Brunching with little kids at the Wildflower Restaurant and an adventure in art at the Audain Art museum in Whistler

January 9, 2019

What do you do with little ones who don’t yet ski when the rest of the family is out adventuring in Whistler?  My sister and I were visiting friends at their cabin in Whistler over the holidays and everyone else went out skiing and we stayed back to adventure with her three year old twins. […]

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florence with kids on a family trip to Italy

Family Travel Planning for 2019 with #emeraldcitylife

January 3, 2019

Thank you 2018, you taught us to be grateful and savor our days a little more.  Do you take a bit of time to think about the year that just passed before starting to plan the next year’s adventures?  I’m currently in the process of travel planning for 2019 and so far I’m almost certain […]

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Happy Lady Happy Card Review-trying out the gift card at Cheesecake Factory Seattle and other merchants

Yes you can buy happiness with Happy Cards

December 17, 2018

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Happy Cards and as always the ideas and thoughts in this post are my own. So here’s a happy way to buy a great experience gift! I recently learned about Happy Cards and not only are they gift cards but they are gift cards that pair your […]

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my 12 fans visiting Santa wearing their Seahawks jerseys

Last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers that you can still order today

December 14, 2018

This Last-minute gifts list includes some items I received as samples and also contains affiliate links where I might receive a commission.  It’s the last sprint before Christmas and if you are getting really sweaty and frazzled trying to dream up gift ideas I have a last-minute gift ideas list that might help you out […]

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learning about Anko USA an Australian store coming to Washington at Black Bottle Bellevue with Jenny Cookies

Meet Anko, your new favorite store

December 12, 2018

If you live in Seattle and have shopped at Bellevue Square recently you may have noticed a new store in the mall.  This pop-up called Anko is an Australian export and after our big Australia trip last year we definitely love all things from that part of the world.  Anko also has a pop-up in […]

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Visiting Enchant Christmas Seattle at Safeco Field is another choice in Holiday events in the area and Sunday might be a good day to go because of free parking

Why going to Enchant Christmas in Seattle on a Sunday might be the best deal

December 5, 2018

We were totally lucky to be invited to a party in a suite at Enchant Seattle because I was really curious about what it would be like but I was worried it might be crowded and spendy. There are also so many holiday things to go to at this time of year and I wasn’t […]

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The Hyatt Regency Bellevue is a great place for families to stay for the holidays and it's walkable to Lincoln South Food Hall

Why Seattle Families might want to stay a night in Bellevue for the holidays

December 3, 2018

Living in Seattle we have lots of holiday events nearby-we can bike to the aquarium to see diving Santa or check out the new Enchant Christmas light show at Safeco field. We can take the bus to Seattle Center to ice skate at Winterfest and ride the monorail to see the gingerbread houses and teddy […]

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looking for prescription sunglasses at a Seattle glasses shop called Eye Eye in Capitol Hill

Eye Eye may just be the coolest place to go if you are looking for glasses in Seattle

November 28, 2018

I was invited to Eye Eye to check out their new expansion, meet with an eye doctor and choose a pair of prescription sunglasses.  Eye Eye has been around in Seattle for a little while but they recently redesigned their store and made it nearly double in size.  If you are looking for glasses in […]

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10 best Vancouver spots with kids a list of things to see if you're in Vancouver Canada with your family

Next time you head to Vancouver with kids, here’s a list of my 10 best Vancouver spots

November 23, 2018

We are a Seattle family.  My kids’ blood is the requisite blue/green for Sounders, Seahawks, Mariners and our one day Seattle hockey team.  I think when the hockey team finally gets here, I’ll be the one most torn about who to cheer for because I grew up in Vancouver and my childhood self would be […]

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Going back and giving back to the NICU for Prematurity Awareness Month

Going back and giving back to the NICU for Prematurity Awareness month with Carter’s

November 17, 2018

This post is sponsored by Carter’s on behalf of Everywhere Agency; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I am really excited to tell you about something I was part of last week. I was so honored to work with Carter’s to bring a generous donation of clothing and gift cards to parents in […]

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Staying with kids in San Francisco and renting a car is an easy way to get around. We stayed at the Courtyard Larkspur Landing Marin County Hotel and it was a perfect base to visit San Francisco with kids

Why Marin County is a great home base if you want to visit San Francisco with kids

November 9, 2018

We’ve visited San Francisco a bunch of times and it feels like we’ve done all the downtown city things.  And while downtown San Francisco is definitely a must see, sometimes when we travel with kids we need a little more space to explore.  We like to rent a car and we like to combine city […]

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Best things to do at Seatac Airport in Seattle-where to eat, shop and get your nails done while you wait for your airplane

Best things to do when you have some hours to spend at Seatac Airport

November 7, 2018

A couple weeks ago the hubby and I went on our first without-kids airplane trip together in about 10 years.  We’ve done a bunch of close to Seattle and Vancouver staycations like a couple nights at Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler or the Salish Lodge near Seattle but this was the first time we left […]

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Marshmallow Pit at Candytopia in San Francisco a ten minute walk from Parc 55 by Hilton Hotels- I had a free day alone in the city and decided to check it out

Yes you can Candytopia alone in San Francisco and still have a party

October 24, 2018

Last week I found myself in San Francisco with one free day to do whatever I wanted to do.  Now, usually a free day in a place when I’m traveling means I have kids in tow so I usually look for a children’s museum or beach or something to keep them entertained.  But me-all alone? […]

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Kamik #freeyourplay campaign helping kids have more free play outdoors with warm winter boots

Time to put a little more free play into our days thanks to warm Kamik boots

October 19, 2018

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kamik and as always the thoughts and opinions in this expressed are my own. My 89-year old grandma came to visit us from Canada recently.  She bravely made the nearly 4 hour drive from her home to our cabin in the mountains where she […]

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What is the 12 status program from Delta Airlines and the Seattle Seahawks

Things you should know about in Seattle if you are one of the 12’s

October 18, 2018

The other day, I got a huge surprise in the mail that reminded me I need to get my Seattle Seahawks spirit glowing a little brighter now that we are well into the routine of being back at school.  It’s all Seahawks all the time in our house right now (when it’s not all Sounders […]

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Eyelash Extension from the Lash Lounge Bellevue near Seattle WA a review

When you get eyelash extensions at the Lash Lounge and life will never be the same again

October 16, 2018

Maybe it’s because I have kids who love to wake up pre-dawn even after 10 years of being on this earth or maybe it’s because I’m getting older but I am always on the look out for things to make me look more energized, fresh and awake.  I love all the skincare things.  I’m into […]

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Working and eating brunch at Eques Restaurant in the Hyatt Regency Bellevue Washington

Brunching on a weekday at Eques in the Hyatt Regency Bellevue Washington

October 5, 2018

Why do we think weekends are the only days that are made for brunch? I spent a weekday with Missy Palacol, an amazing local photographer at the Eques restaurant in The Hyatt Regency Bellevue last week and we had a blast sampling nearly everything on the menu. It was such a dreamy way to bring […]

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chez panisse Cafe also uses Heath Ceramics and we visited because my kids read Fanny at Chez Panisse when they were small

On not breaking any of the things at Heath Ceramics Factory in Sausalito and eating lunch at Chez Panisse

October 3, 2018

We have a thing for pottery in our house and we like to visit pottery and ceramics factories.  When the kids started kindergarten, I took a senior’s pottery course at the local community center but soon realized that I’m better at buying than making pottery.  One of my favorite places to buy pottery is at […]

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travel books and other things we're loving for family trips

Travel books and other things we’re loving in our house right now

September 27, 2018

Every time we fly with my kids I look for travel books that inspire them to learn more about the place we’re visiting.  Like when we recently visited Italy, I looked for books for them to learn more about Rome and Florence so they would be more excited when they saw these places in real […]

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