Why a Seattle Children’s Theatre Subscription might be a good idea for your family

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Okay here’s some math you might want to try if you’re in the Seattle area and you are thinking about some children’s theater this fall.  Last year we didn’t subscribe to any tickets so I totally spaced on ALL the plays at the Seattle Children’s Theatre. (even Art Dog which I heard was AMAZING!!)  So this year, I made sure we at least bought tickets ahead of time so we actually go and it’s quite a good deal right now so I thought I’d share the news.

There is only about a week left to take advantage of an awesome deal from the Seattle Children’s Theatre- I think this ends on August 1st, but you get a free ticket with your subscription and you can get additional tickets free if you include Mwindo or Dick Whittington and His Cat as a plays you’re going to see.  For example, if I bought a 5-pack of Thursday/Friday tickets and I will be going to see Goodnight Moon and Dick Whittington, I can get 3 tickets to Goodnight Moon and 4 tickets for Dick Whittington for the same price but this has to be done before August 1st 2014.  Then I get 7 tickets for 100 dollars instead of just 5 tickets and that’s about $14.30 a ticket which is a big savings over what you pay without a subscription.  (If you don’t understand I would just call the theatre-someone from the theatre called me and walked me through this and helped me buy my tickets and it was extremely helpful)  What I didn’t know is that you not only get savings when you subscribe, but there are a bunch of vendors in the Seattle Armory that give subscribers discounts too!  These include Pie (10% off) and Mod Pizza (15% off) and Skillet (10% off) as well as a whole list in their Subscriber Benefits package.  

on of my guys' first play experiences toddler at Seattle Children's Theatre

I’m always into good deals and supporting our Seattle community, so I think this is a great find and we’ve really enjoyed the plays we’ve seen in the past and I can’t believe we’ve been coming to the Seattle Children’s Theatre since my guys were TINY. Their Go Dogs Go birthday party was even inspired  because they watched a Seattle Children’s Theatre production. And though, I think they’ve now outgrown the quiet room it was really helpful in the past when they found plays a little scary, so I’m totally excited about the upcoming season, especially Good Night Moon because it’s apparently going to look like a pop up book.  If you sign up for any of these plays let me know-I’m excited to hear if you’re going!


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