Go Dog Go (Seattle Children’s Theatre)

go dog go and hatley rain jackets
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Maybe Amy Chua would frown on this one, but one big thing I want my children to appreciate is theatre and all things artsy, so when they couldn’t stop talking about the “Green Sheep” play we went to back in September of last year, I knew they were going to adore “Go Dog Go.”  I was a little worried when I saw that it was for ages 4+ but I called the theatre and they said that lots of two year olds go and that it would be okay.  That said, I still wanted to do a little pre-teaching. (Yes, past life = teacher and it doesn’t get out of the blood.)
First, I bought the board book but it was pretty short.  We read it a few nights and the guys loved it but I couldn’t figure out how anyone could ever make a play from so few words.  Duh.  It was the abbreviated version.  And because I’d already bought the tickets and didn’t have time to go to a bookstore before I got the long one, I found this reading on youtube.com that my guys watched twice and loved.  The final “get your kids hooked on this show” bait is something put out by the Seattle Children’s Theatre and my guys would have screamed murder if we didn’t get to go after watching this minute and a half snippet of the live show (x50 million times)

Here are the guys at the 5:30 show in their dog coats (they wouldn’t take them off) and their tickets:

The 5:30 start made for a late night but it was oh so worth it.  One and a half hours of totally mesmerized kids.  One and a half hours of peace.  At intermission Leelee worried that we were leaving without seeing the “dog party” (you need to read the book) and had to be reassured there was more.  My guys were not the youngest kids or the loudest people in the theatre (that award went to the grandma sitting two rows behind us-but yay lady for being enthralled too-it was definitely magical.)  And, really the show was fun for our whole family.  “Go Dog Go” runs through March 13th, so we may be back if the guys get their way.  (There are BOGO coupons in the Entertainment Book and half-price kids tickets through the Twirl cafe-FYI).  And now I need to see if there are any more plays out there for my theatre loving guys!

An update:  The boys are having a Go Dog Go party for their third birthday and I found a bunch of Go Dog Go printables.

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