Five things I’m looking for on Black Friday

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In an ideal world, I’d sleep all day Thursday in preparation for my favorite holiday of the year-Black Friday-but two 3-year old boys and a husband who loathes shopping is a huge obstacle on game day and efficiency, planning and a lot more online than real-world shopping is my current game-plan.   So five things that I would like to find in the real world once we get out and about on the big day:
1) Measuring Spoons.  The boys have stolen all mine for their sand table and I have one left (It’s a 1.5 tbs if you’re curious).  I love these ones from West Elm.

Or this flowery set from Anthropologie.

And if by chance this Armadillo Carafe is on sale, it might end up in my cart too!

2) This prize ball from Kate Spade New York.

I’ve been dying to find out what’s inside it and I may have to snoop inside the Seattle store to check it out.  This would also be the perfect excuse to peek at this clutch I’ve been eying (and using all my birthday wishes that they Black Friday it big time)

3) Scarves.  They are apparently going to be $1 at Old Navy and gloves will be $2 and how eco-friendly would that be if I could figure out a way to wrap presents in them?  If I’m really ambitious, I may have to sneak out in the wee Friday morning hours just to get this shopping trophy-

a waterproof camera that they’re giving away to the first shoppers to barge through their doors and spend $40  It’s tempting just to find out if I’ve still got my Black Friday skills.

4) Free Pearl earrings?  Apparently Ben Bridge is giving out a hundred pairs with no purchase at all.  Love this, if only for the fantastic Black Friday shopping spirit it brings (I am not going to actually be part of any lineup for this with my 3 boys in tow but love love love Ben Bridge for aiding my sport.). If I do make my way to Uvillage though, I would love to pop in to Red Mango (discounted yogurt) and Lululemon as their Friday deals are usually absolutely amazing.

5) A popcorn maker.

Hello Macys.  Hello Crate and Barrel.  Hello City Kitchens.  I’m just looking for something standard that air pops corn.

Anything else? (like my gifts for others not mentioned in the above post?) These things are too important to chance to impulse buys. I’ll be finding them online in the wee hours of Friday morning.  Thank you Rue La la, Zulily, Gilt, Amazon, Nordstroms(yay for free shipping!) and even ToysrUs online who might let me do all my necessary shopping calmly in my new slippers, in my bed or curled up warmly on my couch while all my crazies zzzzz away.

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