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March 26, 2012 by admin

Seattle Asian Art Museum

With my disbelieving eyes, something that looked like Target.  So, today, I had to go on a reconnaissance mission to confirm.

And here’s the proof.

Right in the middle of the city. (I wonder when it opens?  Can it open soon enough????)

Now wouldn’t this be a fabulous adventure: morning shopping at Tar-jay followed by a little museum adventure and a lunch at the market-this new store is literally right beside the Seattle Art Museum.  Today, we just imagined the morning shopping in the big box, but we did get some time visiting our favorite local stands at the Pike Place Market.

And the gum wall.  Even in sunlight, this wall is atrocious.  But oh so Seattle cool, right?

We even offered the Fish Company some free advertising while we waited in line for the museum. (One of the fish guys gave the guys stickers and they were over the moon: those fish guys are my boys’ market heroes! And now the stickered vest is their fish man uniform.)

Then the boys took in some Gaugain.  I love how the little phone-like audio guides are such a great way to teach preschoolers numbers.

You just match the painting number to keypad on the little machine.

And Voila. Mesmerized children.

It was so quiet in the art gallery, the boys were lulled into a quiet trance making it for such a lovely adventure.  I can’t wait to go back.  Oh, I can’t wait for Target.


  1. you didn’t know? i hear it will be open by june. my lunch breaks will officially never be the same.

  2. eckids says:

    Yay for June! I knew it was coming but didn’t realize how “downtown” it was going to be. This is awesome:)

    • Keridwyn says:

      I am SO excited by this – what cross streets is it on? The old Nordstrom Rack location? Been hearing about it for a LONG time but excited the opening is so close!

      • eckids says:

        Oh, I’m awful with streets. I’ll have to go back and check. I think it might be across from the Paper Hammer store.

  3. […] I told them all about King Tut’s sparkly gold.  I thought it would be as magical for them as Gaugain at the Seattle Art Museum.  What I forgot to do was my kid-friendly research: tombs are dark places and there was a little […]

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