Raising Readers, books for 3 year olds

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Like most kids, my guys learn a lot from books.  And I love that what they read helps them learn about real life. But I’m not always sure if we’re on the same page about the message the stories are trying to teach us.  For instance we recently read the Lorax.  (You know me and my trying to be more agrarian/green/save the planet, right?).

After reading the book, the duo look at me with horrified looks on their faces and I thought”yay! they get it!”  But no:

“Mommy!  We need to cut down all our trees!”
Wait, no! Why?  Why cut them down?
“If we cut them down the Lorax won’t come. We don’t want him to come.”.

I’ve since been reading the book and showing them how cute and cuddly the Lorax might be as a friend.  I figure if I make Truffala trees out of cotton candy there might still be hope.
Now the duo is on a Skippy Jon Jones kick.  I like the rhymes, vocabulary and cute Spanish sayings in the books we’ve read.  What do the guys like?

“You are not the boss of me!  We’re the bosses!!!”  They love to shriek at me as they streak down the hall in the opposite direction of whatever I’ve asked them to do.  Books are dangerous.

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