What peace in a crowded restaurant looks like

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A friend and I met for lunch with our kids at a local Panera Bread.  It was noon so there weren’t a lot of free tables and it looked like any chance at a big table would take a long time.  We took full advantage of this opportunity and plunked our kids down at one table and sat at a nearby booth.

This is what 10 minutes of peaceful eating looks like:

And my friend and I?  We actually ate our lunches and had ten minutes of a grown-up conversation until our time was up and 4 small children crowded into our tiny booth. But, oh, that 10 minutes was divine.

(This is actual proof that there is hope for any of you out there with newborns or baby twins.  I wish I could have seen this when I was juggling the guys in and out of high chairs while covered in spit-up and goo.  Hang in there: very soon you might actually get to eat that salad/sandwich combo in it’s entirety.  I think 4 might be the magic age number.)

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