What happens on the way to Las Vegas…..

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hopefully stays there.  Before we get to the yes we took the kids to Las Vegas part, the buffets we decimated, the hotels we managed not to trash and the millions we might have made on the slots, let me remind you that for most trips the journey is just as important.

On the way to Vegas, we finished packing so early we had enough time to clean the house.  We managed to pack our whole family in two carry-ons.  The hubby found a great new place to park at the Seattle airport: Mpark which has an 8.99 a day promotion going on right now.  We were going for 3 nights and the weather was supposed to be sunny and super hot: perfect pool weather which was solely the reason why we were heading to Las Vegas with kids in the first place.  I found an awesome pool and I couldn’t stop dreaming about it.  So as we flew over Vegas I was gloating.  The sky was glorious. Our flight had been beautiful.  We were going to have an awesome vacation.

Flying to las vegas

And then the plane tried to touchdown.  The landing gear came out, we could see the terminals and I braced like I usually do for the bump.  But it never came.  No bump.  Where was that bump?????!!!!  Instead we felt acceleration and our plane started going up.  Up. Up. Up. I didn’t know planes could do this after they were supposed to be coming down.  I felt a really sick sweat going down my neck.  We all giggled nervously and looked around.  Nobody could figure out what was going on.  And then, after what seemed like way too long, the pilot said a plane hadn’t cleared the runway and we were just going to make a second try.  Like he was announcing breakfast specials at Denny’s.  Not like “Oh my God we’re all going to die.”  (But, I was pretty suspicious.  This did not seem normal, at all.)

Thankfully we made the second attempt.  And I count this as maybe the 4th of my 9 lives spent.  Thank goodness for the journey, though.  Isn’t this why we all travel?

(PS. And while I feel like we had some kind of crazy near death experience, the hubby thinks this was like some move in Top Gun for all you Top Gun fanatics who will probably know the part and was thrilled.  Ugh. Boys.)


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  1. Beautiful shot! I would have been so scared with those landings and sweating every which way with a lot of praying. Yay achieving the two carry-on challenge as a mom. Hope everything else about Vegas treated you well and the boys had fun.

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