Sweetest Mini Donut Shop (The Outpost, Steveston BC)

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The Outpost Mini donut in Steveston

The world can always use more happy, lovely places and The Outpost Mini Donut Company is one of the sweetest I’ve ever been.  I never imagined that a donut store could be so adorable, but this is a MINI DONUT store and there are so many thoughtful touches in this store that make the already-yummy mini donuts here taste even more divine.  I love Steveston and all its cute shops and this is definitely a fabulous addition.

We visited around the holidays and the windows outside were festively decorated.

Cute mini donut shop in Steveston

Hot Chocolate at sweetest mini donut shop in Steveston BC



















And this lovely sign inside spoke to my heart: We could definitely use more marshmallows and happiness in life.

Sign in adorable Outpost mini Donut shop in Steveston BC

Kind of like the little thankful message one of the boys told his teacher to write on the back of his Thanksgiving leaf.

I am thankful for marshmallows

The inside is a teeny replica of someone’s little northern lodge complete with blazing fire, nostalgic paintings and warm woodsy colors.  It’s just the type of place you want to curl up, savor something delectable and drink something warm.

Inside of Outpost mini donut shop in Steveston BC

The boys pulled up chairs to watch the donuts being made.


And we had trouble choosing.  There are so many flavors.  Some are seasonal, some are always on the menu.  All were good.


Especially because they come in such cute little paper cones. A dozen lovely donuts can be inhaled in less time than it takes to make them.  And a cold winter day, few things beat a hot delightful mini donut.  YUM!

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  1. Hmmm…I’ve spent more than my fair share of time in Richmond, but I’ve never seen this place, and believe me, I don’t usually miss donut stores! I’ll definitely be looking up the address of this place next time I’m in Richmond. Buttermilk Gingerbread donuts might just be worth a trip on their own!

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