Two great last-minute presents

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If you love your instagram account you might want to head on over to snapbox.  I didn’t really know much about them until a couple weeks ago when I won a couple snapbox prints in a “twitter party” (It was fun but I still don’t totally get the twitter party thing btw) put on by Clever Girls.


Anyways, within two days (TWO DAYS!) of putting in my order, a heavily packaged box shows up on my door.

And I’m loving the quality and look of these framed canvases.


Instant perfect Christmas present and you can probably still get it.  And they’re reasonably priced.  I think the 9×9 worked out to be about 25-30 dollars shipped and I like how it’s so different than the usual canvases I’ve ordered.

I also love this subscription that I recently ordered because of CoolMomPicks.  It’s called Little Pnuts and for $25 dollars a month (including shipping!) they send you 3-5 developmentally appropriate toys for your child.  I love love love what they sent for December and how they seem devoted to intriguing childrens’ toy brands.  (Meaning they didn’t and won’t just put a bunch of random cheap toys in a box and I doubt they’ll throw in things that light up, flash or make extremely loud and awful noises.) These toys are well curated and extremely good value and I’m excited to try them out with my guys.


Little Pnuts even ships internationally.  So if you’re strapped for a couple presents, these things might just help you out.  As for us, we’re on the wrapping stage in our house.  Let me just tell you that wrapping with 4-year olds is an absolute disaster.

(PS yes, this is a review, but I bought these things with my own money except for the snapbox prints that I won so these opinions are definitely my own and not required, etc.  These are just things that I’ve bought and loved and thus I feel this opinion should be shared.)

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