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Okay, so yesterday was not my best.  The hubby worked late and I was dining alone with my overexcited duo when someone started to choke.  And you know that awful heart lodged in throat want to cry but can’t feeling-I didn’t get that until I actually heard the kid start breathing again and I realized I need to get re-obsessed with first aid, so I’m prepared just in case it happens again.  Here’s Baby Center’s First Aid for choking and the Red Cross First Aid for choking and I’ve read and re-read them a bunch of times now so if you’re near me and you look like you’re choking or even just coughing, be prepared for abdominal thrusts because I’m still a little fragile.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 10.23.10 AM

I also finished my first book of the new year: Where did You go Bernadette and I just picked it up because a friend’s daughter shares the same name, it’s based in Seattle and the cover (yes I judge books by their covers) looked intriguing.  It was definitely a fun read.  And you need to read it if only to understand the phrase “a little bit of poo in the batter” which fit my morning perfectly yesterday because if the morning was the batter and the little bit of poo was actually the bit of poo I stepped in when I dropped the hubby off at work, you wouldn’t want to have any of that morning.  (Considering how much I avoid stepping in poo, I’m curious how many more times I’ll step in it this year.  Starting on day 10 out of 365 is not looking like it’s going to be promising)

And if you knew me when I first had the babies, I was notorious for cutting them out of their poo-soiled outfits and throwing them out because I have an extreme aversion to anything poo and shoes are no different.  So I am now wanting this pair to replace the ones that I wrecked.  They are so cute and it’s probably wrong to have wants so close to Christmas but I saw these the other day and they are so beautiful and it is just karma that we crossed paths the same day I had another pair destroyed.

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Oh and If I really wanted to track if I could go 21-days with dog-poo free shoes, I could do it on 21habit.  I’m actually using this site to track my exercise and I’ve paid 21 dollars and each day that I meet my goal exercise I get a dollar back.  If I get lazy and eat ice cream and don’t exercise I forfeit one of my dollars and it goes to a good cause.  So it’s a little win-win and very motivating.  (PS I found an excellent ab workout: and it’s a bridal one, but it’s only 10 minutes and it does make your tummy feel strong.)

So I do hope your January 10th went better than mine.  I’m breaking open a new read today and along with the exercise I hope that at least I’ll get stronger and wiser over the next month.

(And PS. Aubrey you won the cookbook giveaway, so I hope this makes your 11th.  I’m currently addicted to the brown-butter rice krispy squares recipe and it’s super easy. 🙂

(And PPS if you’re looking to visit Seattle anytime soon and want to do it cheap or free, I guest-posted on a lovely virtual friends’ site and I love reading about her travels so you might get a little travel-lust if you head over there.)


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  1. Oh thanks Tracey! Would love to hear what you’re reading right now. And no dog here. I have a dog nephew and a dog sister. But no dog in this house. Remember, I can barely take care of myself and the littles.

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