When your kids are braver than you are

phoenix with kids where to swim
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See the blur?  That’s my guys jumping off the diving board for the first time.  They just pranced across the thing and fearlessly bounced of the end.  I’d be proud except I’m terrified that they’ve learned a new and ridiculous skill: I know this because later when we were at the Pacific Place mall on the third floor they started asking me if you jumped down to do the bottom from supporting beam to supporting beam would it be a good idea?  NO NO NO!  Only jump with your swimming teacher and into water.  That’s the rule.

ballard swimming pool lessons for kids in seattle

And while I sit and shop online  watch them proudly the only medal I deserve is this one which I would totally wear because just like a sloth I would NEVER be caught jumping off a diving board:

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 9.05.08 AM

I think all the moms in the bleachers let out the same sigh of sadness when swimming lessons is over.

And because of swimming lessons, I’m currently trying to track down these goggles that I saw some kids wearing last summer since I’m tired of seeing my guys look like they’ve cried the whole day after every session and I thought these things looked super cool.  They’re like a combo scuba mask/goggle set and I think I’ve found them at REI (yes, while sitting on the bleachers), so I’m sending this out as a virtual shopping list for the hubby who is there almost every other day.  (Honey if your REI sensors/sonar/alarms haven’t already caught a whiff of me perusing your favorite store online, you can pick two of these up on your next trip there.  Thank you very much!)

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 8.12.34 AM

4 thoughts on “When your kids are braver than you are

  1. Yes, yes, Aqua Sphere goggles are the only way to go, IMO. We got ours at SportsAuthority. Once Charlotte got those goggles on, she was under the water in no time. They suction on and are pretty much waterproof. I have had the same pair since, oh, the first marriage. They last *that* long. BTW … Heard this great story on NPR about le poop in Paris and instantly thought of you!

    1. Thanks Tracey the hubby and I picked some up, so I’m excited to see how they work. And I will definitely have to check out the Paris story. I almost had a 4th encounter of the dog poop kind.

  2. LOL! Make that two sloth medals – I need one too 🙂

    My daughter is very similar to me – reserved and cautious. My son however is much braver than us and will jump and climb anything without any hesitation.

    We don’t have REI here but I hear it is an amazing store. They need to come to Canada 🙂

    Love the blurry photos – shows just how brave your boys are!

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