Travel Tips Tuesday: pack a bunch of samples

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You know how I love me a good makeup subscription service (Hello Birchbox!) or Sephora because I get a bunch of samples with every order.  Well there’s definitely a good reason for this. Every trip we go on, I grab a handful, stick it in a big zippy bag and stuff it in my suitcase. Travel tip: pack your make up samples

Then the game is to try to use as many beauty supplies as possible on the trip and because I’m on vacation I tend to actually take my time and read all the directions.  I also don’t ever have any spills in my suitcase and it’s so fun to pretend I have my own travel spa.

My current favorite from the bag: this Deborah Lippman “The stripper to go” because I usually try to get a manicure before I leave on a trip and I usually bash it up a couple days in and I don’t want to buy a whole bottle of remover.


Anyone else have any great travel size products?

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