Browned butter salty delight

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Oh dear mom please close your eyes and stop reading now because this would just stop your heart.  (FYI for all you others out there, my mom is a bit of a health nut and seeing this would kill her.)

This is a lot of butter in a pan bubbling just before it turns clear and browns.  And no I didn’t burn it.

Brown butter

And this is why you need it.

Browned-butter delight

It looks like an innocent treat from your childhood, but this one is loaded with fancy salt and butter toasted until it’s just like a caramel-hinted version of butter and of course it’s a recipe I found on Smitten Kitchen (Oh goodness, does everything I make come from that blog??  Or maybe this is the year I gain way too many pounds because I’m finally taking the time to learn to cook better.  And the year I installed a treadmill in the kitchen-we’ll see.)

It is currently a popular snack in this house anyways.  And mom if by chance you ignored prior warnings and continued to read, I have been trying to reduce the amount of butter in this recipe, if only to make myself feel less guilty, but I can’t figure out the ratio where the cost of removing butter affects the delightful taste too much.  (Maybe you’ll have to try and make them too?)  I guess I’ll have to keep on making them and eating  them for research sake.

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