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A little while ago, someone asked for a picture of me and the kids and I scrolled through my rolls and though I have TONS of my kids, I don’t have many of ME and my kids (and of the few I have there aren’t many that I love or want to share).  And it seems like a lot of moms have the same deal.  We need to get in the picture, mamas!  I love this challenge Vancouver Mom is doing to encourage moms to take pictures of themselves and their kids: if you have instagram, you might just want to try it too.


The hubby snapped this on our recent trip and I didn’t know he took it.  I love that I look happy and maybe a little serene and not just happy because I’m smiling for a picture.  I must actually LIKE being a mom.  On the days that I’m pulling my hair out chasing my kids down from climbing high things that aren’t meant for climbing or I’m frazzled because I’ve burnt every bit of dinner, I know I’ll cherish this one little moment.  And yes, I’m getting it framed for the wall.

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