Before I ward off Winter Completely (Granville Island, BC)


February 23, 2013 by admin

One of my fondest memories as a kid was getting hot chocolate at Blue Parrot Coffee with my family at Granville Island in Vancouver.  They put the best dollop of chocolate-y whip cream on top of their drinks and on a chilly day there is nothing more delightful than a warm drink in a warm place.


A little while ago, the guys and I indulged in some yummy drinks and some pastries from Terra Breads (I love their salted caramel apple focaccia and their grape bread) and hot chocolates with that dreamy whip cream while we watched the wind blow everything around outside.  It made me remember how delightful even a drizzly winter day in the Northwest can be.



  1. lisaatgonewiththefamily says:

    You can’t beat hot chocolate no matter where you are drinking it! You have made me want to return to Granville Island – it has been far too long!

  2. […] and we wandered our kids down to the beach near the Aquatic Center across from Granville Island (my favorite place on Earth) so we could sit and chat while the boys all threw rocks into the water and played in the sand.  It […]

  3. […] my goodness.  I love this bakery but it is so close to my favorite place in the world-GRANVILLE ISLAND-we’d often pass it by because Granville Island is a lot more kid-friendly to sit and stop.  […]

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