When a bakery you love now has a park next door! (Beaucoup Bakery, Vancouver BC)

and there is ample parking near this playground in Vancouver BC
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Oh my goodness.  I love Beaucoup http://www.beaucoupbakery.com/bakery but it is so close to my favorite place in the world-GRANVILLE ISLAND-we’d often pass it by because Granville Island is a lot more kid-friendly to sit and stop.  But not anymore.

Hello perfect playground. (And it’s right across the street!!)

playground near beacoup bakery

The kids can alternate getting out their energy and sipping their artisan steamed milk (Beacoup makes their own vanilla bean syrup so the steamed milk is beautifully dotted with flecks of vanilla bean!) and nibbling on perfect pain au chocolate.

sitting inside of Beacoup Bakerybeaucoup bakery

And I can sit and pretend I’m in Paris eating pastries and sipping coffee in peace without leaving Vancouver. (Because one day I want to do the food tours in Paris that Beacoup’s owner Jackie leads.  They sound amazing!)  I also adore Beaucoup because it celebrates acts of kindness and any company who drops good into our communal well is a place I’d travel miles to visit.

Merci Beaucoup.


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