Maplewood Farm (North Vancouver, BC)

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A little while ago, we revisited this farm I used to go with my family as a child-it’s very close to downtown Vancouver, maybe about a 20 minute drive.  It’s on the way to Mount Seymour too.  The day we went the animals were all out and about and there are so many things for the kids to climb on, see and explore.

Maplewood Farm with kids review

I loved the sweet cow that came to say hello.  (I get serious eyelash envy when I see cows up close.  How do they get such beautiful eyes?)


The goats lined up at the fence made us all giggle.


And it was neat that you could peek into and explore the chicken coops.  There’s a lot of poop, so I just peeked in from the door.


The guys loved the ride on pedal tractors.  They were a little difficult to steer, but they had a big stick that you could use to help push your kids around.  (They were about 4 dollars a half an hour.  We decided to do this when we got there because I knew as soon as the guys saw someone riding on it, they wouldn’t be able to think about anything else.  After we finished our half an hour ride, the boys could focus on seeing all the other animals and having a good time.)

Riding tractors at Maplewood Farm

There were also little seed bags you could buy to feed the ducks and the ducks and geese were everywhere!  (These were around 3 dollars a bag.  And even on a sunny day, I’d probably wear rubber boots and bring a change of clothes.  Thank goodness Hunters are ubiquitous in Vancouver.)



And I’m so glad they had a great hand-washing station.


And I didn’t realize that you could also feed the bunnies: according to their site, you just need to bring your own fruits and veggies.  We’ll have to remember that for next time.  Their website also lists all the different shows and events that go on in a day.  What a fun place to visit in the springtime and I know we’ll be back-it’s so nice to have such a cool place to explore so close to the city!

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