Egg-hunt practice

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Maybe it’s because we did ALL the laundry in the house yesterday, but here’s what we’re doing to prep for the big egg hunt this weekend: finding one sock and matching it to another.  It’s like a free version of memory that is perfect for preschoolers and I’m trying to convince them it will help them with their hunting skills.


Each sock pair=1 m and m and it’s the type of afternoon where I’m playing too.

(PS. I love this sock wall for misplaced socks I saw on pinterest.  We just have a sad bag we call “socks with no friends.”  Does anyone actually every find all those missing socks?)

(PPS. A few years later and we’re still playing this game…)

2 thoughts on “Egg-hunt practice

  1. Rename the solo socks “orphans” … this way, the universe knows that an adoption is in the wings. And, yes, I do find at least half of the missing ones. I have a sock caddy down by the shoes and all the orphans wait for their reunion on the outer ridge. But it does come and go in cycles. Por ejemplo, my mum sent us a 12-PACK of Hello Kitty socks. 12 pairs = 24 socks and right now I know where were three are. Scary. Love! the idea of getting a reward for matching socks. Might work with spouses, too. 🙂

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