Gardening with the Littles

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I love springtime with my guys.  They are always finding something new in the garden for us to explore.  We recently planted carrots, zucchini,pumpkins, peas and beans and we noticed the other day that the little carrots are starting to grow.


We also decided to work on another project.  My Camelia bush in the backyard creates gorgeous pink confetti all over that the guys thought we should rake up.  (Oh, how I adore them!)  And as much as I would love to buy them this adorable wheelbarrow, in the spirit of being green, we re-purposed their Step 2 trailer into a makeshift wheelbarrow and it worked just fine.










No day in the garden is complete without finding some slimy friend.


And my little curious gardeners loved shaking the other trees to make more Camelia blossoms fall.  It’s probably not the best way, but it was so fun, I couldn’t make them stop.


And in all this garden beauty, please ignore my footwear.  (I wear the hubby’s oversize ones and they’re like delighfully soft pillow-y cushions on my feet.)


I am exploring other options.  Maybe these?

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.42.12 AM

(PS. my favorite book as a child was Secret Garden. Could there be anything more magical than finding a hidden garden somewhere?)

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