A friendly cup of coffee in Seattle (Slate Coffee, Ballard)

slate coffee serves your latte in stemware and is one of the best espresso stores in Seattle
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Sometime last week I heard a rumor that a truck called Slate Coffee was selling my favorite Fuji Bakery pastries, so I had to go check it out.  Nevermind that I am not a big fan of food trucks (gasp!).  I just didn’t realize that they have sinks and real cooking facilities inside.  Until we went to Slate.

A friendly cup of coffee in Seattle

I pulled up with my van-load of littles and I’ve never had such a friendly food truck experience, especially with kids in tow.  They talked to me.  They talked to my kids.  They even let us peek inside.  And yes, there were sinks in that shiny airstream and it was truly sparkling clean.

Then the hubby and I found ourselves with a few moments this morning and decided we’d go grab a cup of coffee and a pain au chocolate at Slate’s new store.  When we walked in the door, we heard “If you have a minute would you like to come in and sit?”  We paused a minute and looked around.  Who was the barista talking to?  Did we walk into some kind of private party?

But no.  This is apparently a friendly coffee shop.  She was talking to us.  And yes, we sat down.  We enjoyed our pastries on a plate.  I tried some kind of orange/chocolate delight that paired so nicely with my perfect cup.

Coffee in stemwear is the perfect cup of coffee

And of course my lovely coffee came in stemware dotted with a sweet little heart.  How magnificent would this make a rainy, blustery, grumpy Seattle day?  This is the perfect cup of coffee! Today was sunny and divine and I couldn’t have been more elated-I may have squealed.  I hope friendly coffee in Seattle catches on.  I absolutely adore places like this.

(PS. I actually saw someone skip on their way out of the shop.)

(PPS. Looking back on this post a few years later-Slate now has more stores and is still friendly and lovely!  Hello from 2017!)



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