If I go to the spa

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When the hubby wants to be the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD on a weekend, he notices my ragged toes or my frazzled hair and tells me to book a morning appointment and he’ll take care of the guys.  After I pinch myself a few times to make sure I’m not dreaming (sometimes in an all boy house full of ALL SPORTS ALL THE TIME, I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing reality from the dreamland I use to cope with this kind of craziness) I speed away into the sunset to whatever fabulous treatment I can find.

And then just when I start to remember I have a family who might need me, the hubby sends me photos of their adventures.  Most of the time, they’re at a place called the Seattle Bouldering Project.  It looks amazing, but I’m really thankful I’ve never gone.

Climbing wall if you go to Bouldering project

Apparently the kids love to climb and this place is the perfect place for it.  They can go for hours and it has an fantastic layout.

Climbing wall if you go to Seattle Bouldering project

Maybe one day I’ll check it out.  But for now, it’s the hubby’s place with the boys.  (And they’re hinting that it might be where they want their next year’s birthday party to be.)


And I get time alone.  I don’t think there’s any better thing for a parent than surprise, unexpected me time.


I am very thankful that I usually get a call before their post-climb meal.  A morning of climbing is often followed by a fabulous lunch at Hue Ki Mi Gia, a Chinese Noodle place we go to in the International District that has delicious food.  And by that time, I’m pretty ready to join the family again.

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