Some of our Favorite Holiday things in Seattle

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This festive season we’re trying to fit in as many fun Christmas activities in Seattle as we can.  We began our holiday countdown with the Macy’s parade.


I remember trying to wheel these guys around when they were just a few months old so that they could ‘see’ the parade.  This time they stood for the parade’s entirety and I couldn’t believe that they didn’t want to leave.  We even took the bus and I was super-prepared with a thermos full of hot chocolate this year, so I am pretty proud of this tradition with my guys.


We also stopped at Christmas Creek to get our tree.


This time we tried a “Nordman” tree.  I decided it was a must when they told us it shed less needles and needs less water.


So far, it’s been fantastic.  We haven’t had many needles at all.  The guys still like the look of the Douglas Fir better, but I really like this tree.

The Wildlights at the Woodland Park Zoo is also fantastic this year.


I love how there were more animals visible than last year.  We loved seeing the meerkats at night and the hubby and the guys’ favorite part was warming up with a snowball fight INSIDE the Zoomazium.


I am still hoping we can go see the pigs flying over the market on a sunny day.  And we will definitely do a night at Pacific Place to see the snow fall.  As much as my husband does not like traffic in Bellevue Mall during the holidays, I’m going to twist his arm because we love the drummer boys on Snowflake Lane.  We haven’t been to their Botanical Garden since before the guys were born so I hope we can go show them all the lights.  But with a week or so left to go, sometimes some of the best festive things are simple.

Like making cookies with friends


Hanging out with family

And just enjoying the season.


I hope you’re enjoying the holidays too!

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