Because Darigold sent me a bunch of cheese

white cheddar cheese made by darigold
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I never knew Darigold was a Washington brand until we started visiting Issaquah on the way to where we’re building a cabin in Snoqualmie Pass.  We’ve been finding cute coffee shops like the Issaquah Coffee Company there and Triple X Rootbeer, a fabulous kitschy diner tribute to everything we thought was lost in the 80s that serves great veggie burgers and ice cold rootbeer. Driving down the streets one day I noticed the giant Darigold milk plant and a really neat old Shell station. These buildings just make Issaquah seem like a place we need to stop and explore a bit more.

Darigold in Issaquah WashingtonDarigold in Issaquah Washingtonmilk truck at Darigold in Issaquah Washington

And then like kismet I was contacted about Darigold and its magazine Fresh and was asked if I wanted to try any recipes.  I didn’t know they made a magazine and now I was even more curious about the factory and where all this milk and dairy goodness is coming from.

And then “would you like to try our new naturally white cheddar cheese?”

Do you know how much cheese we eat in this house?????

The cheese arrived along with the Fresh magazine they’d told me about and on the cover was a picture of a cracker.  (It was Volume 8 if you’re looking for it.)

making crackers from Darigold's Fresh Magazine

So of course I had to make it immediately even though the kitchen was a disaster and it was one of those days I probably should NOT be baking.  But we all know how those days go.

I don’t follow recipes properly, and I skipped a lot of steps (why on earth do we need to let things rest in a freezer or mix ingredients together in certain orders, right?  And do I really need a food processor to actually make stuff like this.) but what popped out of my oven was round, crispy, cheesy and tasty.

Not exactly like the picture, but they were crackers.

I couldn’t find the recipe on their site to share it with you but I have made these other crackers before with similar success.

And while looking for the cracker recipe on the site, I found a recipe for PANEER!!!!

(So you can totally see where this is going next.  I’m headed to the kitchen and will let you know if it turns out…..)

(PS. I totally get where Laura Numeroff may have been inspired for If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.)

(PPS. Now I really want to know what kind of Willy Wonka things are going on IN the Darigold Factory.)

(PPPS. as disclosed before I was given cheese and a magazine but was not required to post and these are definitely my own ideas.)


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