Why Changi airport in Singapore is best for families

Sunflowers at singapore's Changi airport
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Heaven forbid that any of us ever get stuck in an airport when we’re traveling with kids. Do you remember that movie where Tom Hanks go stuck in one?  This used to be my biggest nightmare when I traveled with two babies in tow-how would we ever survive? And thankfully it only happened a few times for a few hours and ultimately we were okay but the most uncomfortable times were when waits stretched way into the night or if there weren’t food options or the airport was crowded and hot.  I don’t think I would ever complain though if I got stuck in Singapore’s Changi Airport with kids.  In fact, on our last trip I complained a little that we didn’t have enough time.

Row of phonies at Singapore's Changi Airport makes for a fun picture

This airport has thought of everything.  I had my last Kaya toast and Milo so I could properly say goodbye to Singapore.  And then we topped that off with prata and other delicious pastries.

Prata and other foods at Singapore's Changi Airport

We thought about stopping in at the Hello Kitty Cafe, but we were TOO full!  (Do you travel to see character themed restaurants?  We really liked the Pom Pom Purin Cafe)

Hello Kitty Cafe at Singapore's Changi Airport

We saw the worlds’ biggest Airport slide but it wasn’t open when we passed by AND it isn’t really for kids-both my kids did not meet the height requirements and they were 7 at the time. But, it would have been fun to try.

Giant slide at Singapore's Changi Airport

Through the gates we found a fun kid-sized playground area and lots of kids’ stores too!

Playground at Singapore's Changi AirportKids stores at the Changi Airport

And as someone who gets mildly claustrophobic in closed quarters, I hate that there is no fresh air in so many airports. At Changi Airport there is even a rooftop sunflower garden.  We found a little lizard hanging out between the flowers so that was entertaining too.

Rooftop garden at Changi Airport full of sunflowers

My kids loved that there was a movie theatre and places to play games.  The Peanuts movie was playing at the time and they did not want to leave.  They also liked the coloring areas that they remember from being here on other trips when they were younger too.

Coloring stations for kids at Singapore's Changi airport

I could list the many shops and things to see and eat forever. This kind of airport experience just makes people happy and want to travel.  Next time we’ll budget more time so we can hang out here longer-it’s almost a destination in itself.  I also totally hope more airports follow this model.  Do you have a favorite airport?  I’d love to hear where it is and why!

(PPS I’ve heard a rumor that you can sample a free Singapore sling at the Long Bar in the airport too.  Has anyone actually had one?  I saw a tweet ages ago from the airport but don’t know if this is still going on….)

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