Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with Groupon

Shopping Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with Groupon Coupons
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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Groupon

Does anyone else think about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with glee every July in the Pacific Northwest?  I almost missed it this year because I’ve been so busy catching up from our time in Australia that I forgot to put the early access date on my calendar (seriously, I’ve been slipping) but thankfully for me, not him, the hubby accidentally reminded me and I managed to catch up.  There are so many fabulous things on sale and one thing I didn’t know about even though it isn’t just something that happens during the Anniversary Sale is that you can shop Nordstrom with Groupon Coupons.

Nordstrom link through Groupon Coupons

I like when sale stuff is easy to find and by clicking through the Groupon Coupons link for Nordstrom it takes you directly to the Anniversary Sale right now.  There is also a list of deals on the Groupon Coupons Site that helps narrow down what is on sale at Nordstrom and helps you find what you want to buy-like when I checked today there was an Urban Decay gift with purchase that was easily added to my cart when I clicked through. I kind of feel like if I’m going to shop, I might as well get a deal, so I like that this is one more way of checking to make sure I’m getting the best deal when I shop at a store that I absolutely love and I am definitely a big Nordstrom fan.

Waterproof Blondo Shoes from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I am currently debating a pair of Blondo shoes I bought at the sale.  They are waterproof which is a big deal in the Pacific Northwest West in the wintertime.  And I think they’re kind of functionably cute.  I just need to make sure they are going to be comfortable enough to keep up with the kids in them when I run errands.

I also bought the boys’ soccer cleats because they seemed reasonably priced with the anniversary sale discount and my boys grow out of cleats SO FAST.

Floral Nike Roche Two Print from Nordstrom

And then I bought these floral Nike Roche Two Print, that were not on sale, but because I had a 10 points per dollar day for my Nordstrom Card, it felt like this was a decent discount.  I’ve already worn them a bunch-you can see them in this post on my instagram when I took my nephew and niece to the Kusama exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum (this is an amazing exhibit BTW and you totally need to try and score tickets if you’re in Seattle.  The best way to get tickets to this sold out show is to show up at 10am when the museum opens because they have a limited amount available for the day.  It is not open on Tuesdays.)

I really want to try this Neulash serum, but I’m always scared of putting things in and around my eyes.  I read this awful story about someone with 27 contacts stuck in her eye the other day and then the same day a contact ripped in MY eye, so I think I might be a little jinxed.  Have you tried this serum?  Should I try it?

I also always buy Zella socks at the anniversary sale too.  These have been pretty awesome and comfy socks feel so luxurious.

Do you check for coupons before you shop?  And have you been shopping the anniversary sale?

PS. As disclosed above this is a sponsored post.

PPS. If you’re curious about the flowers in my flower shoe post, they come from a local Seattle florist called Mercer Island Florist and I was sent them by BloomNation.

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