Australia with kids: our biggest adventure yet

Australia with kids: our adventures
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How do days sneak up on us so fast?  Just when I thought I’d be telling you we were planning our Australia trip, we are here.  We are IN Australia!  And we’re here for a little while so we hopefully will have some fantastic adventures to share when we get back.  For now, I will say that Australia with kids has been dreamy so far.  Yes, the airplane ride from Seattle is long and a little overwhelming-but that is part of the adventure. The food is good.  The air is warm.  And it’s definitely kid-friendly here!

We have seen kangaroos nibbling grass in a place called Emerald Beach.

Kangaroos in the wild near Emerald Beach

We have met up with friends from Seattle in Sydney for our farthest away play date ever!

Sydney opera houseSydney opera house with friends

We also joined in a big children’s parade.

Joining in the Children's Republic Parade at Sydney OPera House in Australia with kids

And we’ve been attacked by seagulls and a turkey while eating snacks outside.  We’ve loved seeing the beautiful cockatoos that fly around every too!

Wild cockatoos

We’ve tried a caravan park and had a really cozy glamping experience.

Glamping at Big4 caravan park in AustraliaGlamping at Big 4 caravan park

And hiked the Blue Mountains where we spotted a snake in the wild!

Hiking the Blue Mountains in Australia with kids

Of course we’ve head a lot of beach time

Splashing in the waves at Bondi Beach in Australia with kids

And bakeries and foods have been so tasty here too.  The cheese here is even named “tasty.”  We also found a place to pick our own strawberries!

Picking strawberries in Australi

So over the next few weeks, I’ll try to pop in with a bit of what we’re doing, but a lot of it will be on Instagram for now.  We’ve never adventured for this long with kids or without and it’s hard to stop and write about it because we’re EXHAUSTED by the time the kids go to sleep!

(PS. If you have Australia tips or favorite places to check out on this side of the world we’d love to hear!)


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