Heading to the mountains with our new portable speaker

Cabin life in the mountain with kids
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This post is sponsored by Verizon however the thoughts and opinions in this post are mine.  I’m watching snow flakes float out my window on the EARLIEST snowfall I’ve ever seen in Seattle in years-are you as excited as I am to start the weekend already?  And even though we’re only getting a dusting here, I’m so happy to head up to the mountains ASAP to try out this new portable speaker I recently received from Verizon.  This Braven Stryde 360 portable speaker is wireless and waterproof which is perfect because we can take it with us when we’re on the go.  It’s nice to have music outside when we’re hanging out around the fire pit so we are planning to use this new speaker around the campfire at our cabin while we make s’mores and hot chocolate.  Music always adds a little ambiance and makes us linger a little longer and I’m really excited that this speaker is rugged, portable and weatherproof so I don’t have to worry too much about breaking this fancy machine-I can concentrate on relaxing, hanging out with the family and having fun.  It’s also round so it can probably fit in the cup holder of one of our camp chairs too and I noticed that it also has voice control options so I can use it to take phone calls using the noise-cancelling microphone when we’re outside.

Braven 360 Portable speaker  Braven 360 Portable Speaker

I was looking at pictures the other day of our early cabin building days.  I don’t think we really knew what we were getting into back then. If we were building this year, there would already be a bunch of snow on the ground in the pictures I’ve posted, but thankfully the year we built the snow came a lot later.  Looking back, we didn’t know really how MUCH snow we get up in Snoqualmie Pass and it can be a ton.  (We just got our snowblower serviced.  I never thought I’d own a SNOWBLOWER!!!)  Last year we had so much snow I wonder what it will be like this year?

Including kids in the process-cabin building in the woods  Building a cabin in Snoqualmie PassBuilding a cabin in the woods

I don’t think we really realized either how much time we’d spend in the mountains and we love how being at the cabin has allowed us to spend a lot of time together as a family.  We actually salvaged our fire pit from a neighbor who was giving it away for free and we didn’t think we would use it as much as we do.  When we’re in the city we don’t get as much time to relax and hang out with nature or even with each other because of all our activities, work commitments, sports and school.  It’s nice to be able to hang out in all the elements and relax as a family.  We love sitting around the fire and eating yummy treats and now with our Braven Stryde 360 portable speaker we’ll be able to listen to music outdoors too.

Seattle outdoor family

Is music a big part of your day?  Do you have a favorite holiday playlist?  Do you belt out tunes on road trips?  I’d love to hear how you incorporate music in your family’s lives.

(PS. As stated above this is a sponsored post, and as always the opinions and thoughts are mine.)

(PPS. If my hubby didn’t see this speaker I probably would have gifted it to him for Christmas.  Are tech toys a part of your gift-giving this season too?)

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