A vending machine you need to know about at Uvillage Seattle along with a few fun new stores

Follain is a store for clean beauty at Uvillage in Seattle they also have refillable soap
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I love Uvillage. It’s been my favorite Seattle shopping area since we moved here about 15 years ago and I still can’t help but get swept up in the excitement of all the new stores and fun shopping experiences that keep arriving! New stores and restaurants at Uvillage in Seattle seem geared to shoppers who want an experience rather than just a place to buy things and I love how so many of the new stores are also geared to all ages so families can have fun shopping here together. You can buy many things anywhere but it’s nice to have a place to make memories together and Uvillage is a place that my whole family wants to visit with me when I say I’m going shopping.

lots of spots to sit and take a rest at Uvillage in Seattle, a great place to shop with kids

K-Ba-Nana opened the other night and it’s a Korean beauty pop up that I hope sticks around for awhile. I’m such a fan of Korean sheet masks and skincare and the packaging is just too adorable on all the things.  There is a whole wall in the store filled with nothing but sheet masks and it’s like being overwhelmed in old Blockbuster (back in the old days of rental movies) where more than a few people will probably spend a few hours just hanging out and reading them all.  The artwork in the store is also really cool-it’s by Jesse Brown who makes really incredible murals around the city and there are places to actually sit and hang out and take in the beauty of just being there while you shop in the store.

Korean beauty at K-Ba-Nana a pop up at Uvillage with funky murals and a wall of sheet masks Wall Mural by Jesse Browne at K-Ba-Nana at Uvillage in Seattle a great place to find Korean sheet masks Molly Moon's Minimoon ice cream vending machine at K-Ba-Nana at Uvillage in Seattle

One of the most unexpected and coolest things in K-Ba-Nana though is the collaboration with one of Molly Moon ice cream’s new Mini Moon vending machines.  There is a Mini Moon vending machine IN the store!  I have always loved the fun and funky food and beverage vending machines we’ve seen in Asia on our travels and it is absolutely cool that we now have an adorable new one to try out in Seattle too (I know for sure and firsthand that the ice cream is delicious!).

refillable soap at Follain a new store at Uvillage in Seattle

Follain also opened recently in Uvillage and I like that they are committed to clean beauty. One of the best things in this store if you are into clean and sustainable beauty is the refillable soap. I love the glass bottles the soap comes in and being able to refill rather than buy new containers all the time makes me very happy.  It is a really awesome bonus that we have to go to Uvillage too to fill up the bottle and there are a few scents of soap to choose from.  I hope more retailers make refillable products like this.

kids' cooking class at Froglegs Culinary Academy at Uvillage in Seattle, a great place for families to shop with lots of places for kids edible cookie dough at Uvillage in Seattle kids eating edible cookie dough from Froglegs Culinary Academy at University Village, one of the best places to shop for Seattle families

Froglegs Culinary Academy opened earlier this summer too and my kids tried a really fun cooking class.  This is such a cool addition to Uvillage because it is not only a cooking school but a really fun store and there are so many adorable party things you can buy here so it’s a great place to stop by if you’re having a party.  Froglegs also sells cookies and edible cookie dough and I just started watching the Harry Potter movies with my kids so I might enroll them in the Harry Potter themed classes later in September once I find out our soccer game schedule.

new shops at Seattle's Uvillage one of the best places to shop in Seattle with families

Have you ever been to Uvillage in Seattle?  I’d love to hear about your favorite stores!  And if you’re looking for more things to do in Seattle with kids, here is a list of our favorite things!

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  1. That Harry Potter class looks awesome – I’ve been eyeing it for my daughter as well!! Love shopping and strolling around UVillage too!

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