Ray’s Cafe (Seattle, WA)

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November 12, 2010 by admin

If ever one could have a perfect meal at a restaurant with toddlers we nailed it at Ray’s Café on Monday.  We had the perfect spot on the patio where the twins could occasionally get out of their highchairs and watch the kayaks and longboarders paddle by through the glass.  The sun was shining, the food was prompt and the server was fantastic.  Mom and dad were very happy.  Ray’s has a very pleasing menu for children 11 and under.  In addition to the usual breaded dinosaur chicken shapes on most kids’ menus they offer steamed clams in butter sauce and salmon with veggies and mashed potatoes.  My guys feasted on the never fail fish and chips option but we added a side of steamed veggies (Monday was asparagus) for a mere $1.50.  The chips were so amazing we ended up ordering a side order for the table.  By the time dessert came we were not ready to leave.  I wonder why we waited so long to try this place with the twins?  Sorry Rays-we will definitely be back.

Terumi’s tip: Before you head to the restaurant check for the menu online so you can decide what you want before you get there.  Order the kids’ meals (and maybe yours too) as soon as you sit down.  Order dessert or break out fruit when you are eating your entrée and you are set for the best chance to actually be able to eat and enjoy your meal.


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