I’m dreaming….

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November 20, 2010 by admin

of a big wheeler.   Not just any big wheeler, but the one from the Pampers Gifts to Grow rewards catalog.

I have to earn something for all these diapers I’m changing.  I’ve been keeping track here of our diaper progress and I can almost feel the success.  If we keep at our current diaper to day ratio, we’ll have one of these in January.

I’m also dreaming of the lovely Nespresso machine my husband is picking up for me today.  The toddlers have decided that 5 is the new 6am thanks to the time change a few weeks back and we are so in need of a fast and easy way to make good coffee.  Though I’ve dreamed of being a barista, I’m so hopeless with the real machine- do real baristas have toddlers pulling at their ankles while they try to learn how to pull a shot?

And where are said toddlers right now? Thankfully, they’re dreaming too(and I hope this continues for at least 30 minutes more).They now nap on the mattress on the floor between their beds as we prep them for big boy beds.  (Our goal is December.  Any advice?) Here’s a stealth photo:

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