Toddler Books and Art Round Two


November 24, 2010 by admin

Yesterday’s activity was so successful that I had to try it again today-actually the guys were the ones to make the connection, not me this time.  Since we are snowed in, I am desperate for things to do to.  The guys found a bottle of glue when we were playing downstairs(thank goodness they couldn’t open it), so I thought we could glue something on plates I had left over from our Halloween party.  I couldn’t find those, but found some red cards in my craft cupboard and some alphabet letters I was going to add to their soup at lunch. So here’s what we did:

And, as we were gluing, the Bean says: “I’m mouse!”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Happy Valentine’s Day mouse!”  So here you go.  They are making Valentine’s cards.  Just like mouse did in this book: So, today’s book is brought to you by Bean and Leelee.  (Yes, that’s what we call my two sons.)  And, here is our finished project:If you are not one of their grandparents and you are the first to comment below, we’ll send you one by snail mail when we finally can get our van out of the driveway and somewhere beyond.  I’m currently looking up bus-routes to Starbucks.  We’ve been snowed in for 3 days and would love some adventure.


  1. Pearl says:

    Those cards are SOOOOO Cute. I hope you get out soon.

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