Black Friday Adventures!

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In my past life, I would scour the deals on Thanksgiving, plan my attack route and shop from the time the first store opened its doors until I could no longer fit any more bags in my car.  Not this year. (Okay, I stayed up until midnight last night to buy this traintable at fearing it would sell out only to find that it was still available at 6 this morning!) Baby daddy had to work today, so the three of us were alone together and I had great plans of taking them to the Macy’s parade because we’ve been stuck inside so much this week. The day started off a little rocky when I realized we forgot one winter coat, but luckily had blankets in the car to drape over the twosome.

And it was a little more challenging than I thought with my big double stroller in a crowd full of people, but people saw our wide load and moved so we did okay.  We had so much fun though I only got two pictures of the whole event, and there isn’t really any parade in them.

They were so excited about their adventure they built a monorail in the kitchen when we got home.   And after they ran their trains through it a couple times, they would sit down and yell “Yay Moose!” for the Mariner moose that showed up at the parade and “Yay dogs” for the Dalmation puppies they saw. 

But at nap time, I was changing them and they both got away in their diapers.  “NAKED at PARADE!” they both yelled as they streaked away from me.  Ummm…yes.  Very productive day.

POST ADDENDUM(for a couple few who asked): And how did I get downtown? I parked at my super-secret favorite lot by the Pacific Science Center and took the monorail.  The kids sat in the stroller for the two minute train ride so it was easy to move from van to train to destination without being worried about getting stuck downtown.  Thanks J for making me write this:)

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